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Disturbing Steven Tyler Health Update At 75 Confirms The Rumors – And It’s What We Feared

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Disturbing Steven Tyler Health Update At 75 Confirms The Rumors – And It’s What We Feared

Aerosmith had to postpone six planned concerts of their final ever tour, Peace Out: The Farewell Tour, this week, disappointing the tens of thousands of fans who were hoping to catch a peek of Steven Tyler.

Taking to Instagram, the legendary rock band informed fans that the September 12 Toronto show, as well as the September 15 Chicago show, the September 18 Detroit show, the September 21 Raleigh show, and the September 27 Washington D.C. show, have all been postponed until early 2024.

Unfortunately, Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler is unwell: in an Instagram post, he revealed that doctors have ordered him to refrain from singing for the next 30 days due to significant damage to his vocal cords.

“To all our fans,” the statement begins.

“I’m heartbroken to say I have received strict doctor’s orders not to sing for the next thirty days. I sustained vocal cord damage during Saturday’s show that led to subsequent bleeding.

‘We’ll need to postpone a few dates so that we can come back and give you the performance you deserve.”

Aerosmith added: “All previously purchased tickets will be honored for the rescheduled dates. Refunds will be available for those unable to attend. Fans with questions regarding refunds are asked to reach out to their point of purchase.”

The Farewell Tour dates were revealed on May 1, and they span from September 2 (in Philadelphia) to January 26 (in Montreal).

However, because of the delays, the tour will now end at a later time. On Monday, October 11, the Aerosmith will reportedly resume their tour.

Given their individual ages, it’s admirable that the band has decided to offer their legions of fans one last tour. In March, Tyler turned 75, so one can only speculate about the physical toll a 40-show tour may have on him.

Given his history of altruism, it’s not shocking that he’s willing to help out beyond what’s expected.

The lead singer of Aerosmith donated half a million dollars in 2019 to help renovate an 82-acre structure south of Memphis into a safe haven for abused and neglected females.

Taking its inspiration from Aerosmith’s smash ballad from 1989, Janie’s Got a Gun, “Janie’s House” is a refuge for women with nowhere else to turn.

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Let’s hope Steven Tyler makes a speedy recovery so he can get back to being awesome.

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