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December 18th Is The Longest Full Moon Of The Year — Get Ready For Extreme Energy Shift

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December 18th Is The Longest Full Moon Of The Year — Get Ready For Extreme Energy Shift

The full moon on Saturday December 18, 2021 will be the longest full moon of the year!

The next full Moon will be Saturday night on December 18th, 2021, at 11:36 p.m. EST. The Moon will be in the sky for a total of 15 hours 33 minutes, with 14 hours 34 minutes of this when the Sun is down, making appearance to both, Saturday evening and Sunday morning, Dec. 18 to 19, the longest full Moon night of the year. The Moon will appear full for three days around this time, from Friday evening through Monday morning, making this a full Moon weekend. (via NASA)

Night Astronomy Fullmoon Full Moon Lunar Moon

Be ready to change your life for better and pleasant encounters. This is a drastic modification from the last two moon phases.

This time it will change the direction of tides in your life and move them far away from negativity and resentment that you may have felt. 

For December, the Cold Moon name reflects the temperatures during the dead of winter as things start to get breezy. It is also known as the Long Night Moon because it rises during one of the year’s longest nights.

Others refer to December’s Full Moon as the Wolf Moon as wolves are known to howl in the middle of the night during the cold season. However, that name is also used for the January Full Moon.

You may meet new pleasant people or form a new attitude towards life which could bring drastic changes in your career or love life on this Christmas.

A full moon takes place when the sun is in the opposite direction of the moon. This dominates the contrasting forces in your life.

For example work versus home etc. Your mental state could come in conflict or oppose to the physical limitations which may drain your energy. Everything revolves around the energy of the moon.

Emotions and instincts need to be focused on as they will tell you how to overcome the challenges you face. The subconscious will make you aware of the greater things in your life, the things often overlooked. 

This full moon will offer you thought-provoking private encounters and exhilarating events.

You may feel more open to modifications in your life and may even vigorously look for them.

This is the universe trying to bring changes in your routine and your intuition would rather quickly allow you to make decisions. Follow it and take up on opportunities that occur. You may come up with original ideas.

Chance encounters can be thought provoking and may lead to new friendships. Your mood will alter a lot but you will work on being patient.

You will feel comfortable going out of your comfort zone and may look forward to things that facilitate your growth. You will feel more relaxed when sharing your feelings with the people you love, especially after holding them in for so long. It is also a good time to break old habits and pursue new ones. 

Here are 5 ways to prepare yourself for the energetic shift:

Sky Lunar Moonlight Moon Dark Sky Full Moon Night

1. Concentrate On Staying Healthy

It is never too late to start a healthier diet or a new healthy habit. We thrive on junk food and beverages that are horrible for our health. It is never too late to detoxify our body. If you start today and diligently stick to a routine or a physician’s diet, you are definitely doing the right thing for you and the health of your body.

Cleansing your body also affects your mind positively. It will help you clear all the clutter of your mind and simply help you think better. Focus on what is important to you and ensure that you follow it regularly.

Spend more of your day hanging outside the house. Find a nice garden, or just take a walk in a park. It will help you immensely.

2. Meditation

You do not have to start by complete isolation and meditation at all times. Baby steps are important. Most people avoid meditation because they are misinformed about what it actually entails.

You do not have to sit quietly for hours. There is a thing called ‘dance meditation’, where you play music of your liking and choice, and dance your heart out. Interesting? There’s more! The app called ‘HeadSpace’ literally guides your meditation step by step. Sometimes, it even has wonderful animation videos to inspire you. Try it out!
Meditation helps in releasing toxins from your body, and meet life with a fresher perspective.

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3. Re-evaluate Your Beliefs

We hardly ever pay attention to the relevance of our personalities and principles. We function on auto-pilot all the time.

Stop, sit, and evaluate your actions and reactions. What is your stance on nuclear war? How do you feel about men holding hands? What do you value most in a human being? Find out more about how you are reacting to life, and then see if those are justified.

4. Pay Attention To Your Intuition

There is nothing that beats primal energy, or your gut feeling. If your stomach turns at the thought of something, then follow that feeling because it is usually right. Listen to your sixth sense. It is constantly trying its best to communicate with you.

If you are in a tough situation, think about how you would advise a friend if they were going through the same. Completely distance yourself from it, and look at it from a third person’s point of view. It will make things much clearer.

I am sure you have a bundle of advice for your younger self. If it makes it easier, try to imagine what your older self would say to you.

5. Accept Change

Things rarely ever stay the same. As I mentioned, change is inevitable for evolution. Apart from the physical realm, there are several other spaces that constantly undergo modification. If you cling to the past, it will only hurt you and leave you behind. It is a very negative character trait to harbor.

Your ever-changing problems will be needing different solutions. The keys will stop fitting into your brain, if it does not adapt to the circumstances. Don’t let yourself be left behind and forgotten!

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