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Charlie Sheen Suffering With Tragic Health Issue – “It May Be Too Late”, Says Doctor

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Charlie Sheen Suffering With Tragic Health Issue – “It May Be Too Late”, Says Doctor

It’s not surprising that a life like the one Charlie Sheen was known for would eventually catch up with him.

The star of Two and a Half Men has reportedly been experiencing memory loss and mood swings, according to recent reports that have been circulated among pals.

Sheen, who has HIV and takes medication to control the virus, reportedly revealed to Radar Online that the medication’s adverse effects make even the simplest of jobs impossible to accomplish.

According to rumors, the actor revealed that the drugs “kept me suppressed and alive, but I struggled with a constant migraine and, at times, borderline dementia.”

Sheen’s wild past is now the stuff of folklore, despite the fact that he is 57 years old.

The actor, who fell from favor after a series of scandals, has been making efforts to right his wrongs in recent years. However, a physician who talked with Radar Online said that he may have changed his mind too late.

“The symptoms of dementia may not be an outgrowth of his medications alone,” Dr. Stuart Fischer said. “You cannot discount the years of drugs and alcohol abuse along with dangerous sexual promiscuity.”

The doctor continued: “He has caused untold damage to himself. Hopefully, his brain function can be restored, but after a lifetime of self-destructive behavior, it may be too late to head off possible long-term effects.”

According to Radar Online, citing anonymous sources, Sheen is reportedly hellbent on making up for the harm his past actions have caused to others.

“Charlie knows he’s not the only person he’s damaged and he’s desperately hoping his medical care and lifestyle changes will give him time to work his way back into their hearts,” an insider reportedly said.

Considering Sheen’s checkered past, that may be easier said than done.

Due to his alcoholism, the actor was fired from Two and a Half Men during its eighth season, when the show was at its peak popularity.

Things went from bad to worse when he admitted to having unprotected sex while HIV-positive, leading to his social isolation in Hollywood.

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The crack cocaine addiction also led to the actor’s admission to treatment.

Recently, Sheen made news for allegedly lashing out at his ex-girlfriend Denise Richards over her daughter Sami’s content on OnlyFans.

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