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Reboot Your Life 180° By Letting Go Of These 20 Mental Barriers


Reboot Your Life 180° By Letting Go Of These 20 Mental Barriers

Do you feel weighed down by the burden of life? Chances are, most of it is unnecessary. Throughout our lives we hoard things and become sentimentally attached. Few things may have practical worth and can be relevant but the rest is just there because you have looked past it without analyzing its importance. If you go on in this manner, you will fall before you know it and gasp for air.

“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.”― Haruki Murakami

So can beliefs, emotional attachments and habits. Everything that can create, has the power of destruction. Choose what you carry, ponder, and if need be, learn to let go.

1. Let go of attachments

According to Buddhist Philosophy, attachment is one of the roots of all suffering. We attach ourselves to people, habits, and even things. Is your attachment the reason for you being unhappy? Does it stop you from exploring? Do you fear moving past it? Ask yourselves and know exactly how attached you are and the price you are paying for it. Remember, you always have the power of choice under any given circumstance.

2. Let go of guilt

It is one of the most useless emotional baggage ever. What can guilt achieve? Does it change the situation? It is a sure path to self-mortification.

3. Let go of Negative thinking

Negativity leads to nothing. It only consumes you into darkness till you fail to see the light. Thoughts have the power to change the world, let it be positive.

5. Let go of prejudice

The world is full of possibilities, would you let your prized prejudice hold you back from exploring? It is a barrier to meaningful relationships and new experiences.

6. Let go of compulsive thinking

There are things you do without reflecting on how important it is, because it is a part of your routine. It is time to take a closer look and honestly evaluate.

7. Let go of the need for others’ approval

All of us want to be appreciated and seek attention. At times, this attitude is destructive as it lowers our confidence and makes us do things we don’t really want. You do not need anyone’s approval.

8. Let go of limiting beliefs

If you limit your horizons, you can never achieve great things. Figure out what stops you and work on it.

9. Let go of grudges

Grudges take a lot of your energy and are just emotional debris from ruined relations. Letting go will liberate you. Holding on to grudges will take a toll on your health.

10. Let go of the “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude

The most difficult step is to begin, then on you’ll gain momentum. Live in the present, don’t burden yourself unnecessarily with incomplete tasks.

11. Let go of anxious thoughts

The path of procrastination leads to destruction. Most of our anxious anticipations are not based on any evidence but are made up in the head. Stop before it controls you.

12. Let go of past heartbreaks

Take time to heal but do not hinder the process by recalling every single detail or building scenarios in your head.

13. Let go of bad memories

Do not dig up the past. Try and recall pleasant memories and not the ones that caused suffering. Make this a habit.

14. Let go of useless things

We keep storing junk of all kinds and believe it or not, decluttering changes your attitude. It is due to the positive vibes that the environment is conducive to new work.

15. Let go of bad company

Some people just drain every ounce of energy in you. Most of these people harbour negativity and spread it. Avoid such people.

16. Let go of the idea that you are a product of your past

You can change any moment. Don’t let your past define who you are.

17. Let go of identifying yourself with your job/role

We think that we are part of our roles, but we’re more than that. Don’t restrict yourself to your job, give time to hobbies and your family too.

18. Let go of counterproductive habits

See what stops your progress, it may be overeating or binge watching a TV series, let go of them and start afresh.

19. Let go of taking things too personally

You must be able to distinguish between what requires attention and what can become a burden. Don’t bother about unwanted things.

20. Let go of the ticking clock

We all need freedom and space. Don’t let time chase you when you are resting or don’t sit back when you have to act. Be in the moment and enjoy what you do. This will help you become productive.

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