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Bizarre Theory Goes Viral Claiming Eminem Died 16 Years Ago And Was Replaced With A Clone

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Bizarre Theory Goes Viral Claiming Eminem Died 16 Years Ago And Was Replaced With A Clone

What if I told you that Eminem died in 2006 and the one you see now is a clone for 16 years? Well, a bizarre theory going viral now claims exactly that!

We all know that chances of that are slim and shady, no pun intended. The concept gained traction when a fan noticed change in the rapper’s voice over the years.

It’s not unusual for a professional signers voice to change due to ageing and strain, but this theory stuck to the media outlets.

The theory cracked the viral wave after Spanish website La Gua Del Varón added fuel to the claim by referring Eminem as an “android clone” and claiming that the Real Slim Shady died in a car accident 16 years ago.

“In 2006, Eminem died in a car accident,” the publication falsely reported.

After the theory took off, fans started identifying changes in his jaw and facial structure.

“Yeah I believe he is a clone it doesn’t even look like him anymore and his eyes are dead,” a fan wrote.

Fans also suggested that after 2006 he changed to a much “darker” style—which I guess means he must be a clone.

There’s a video going viral after the theory of Eminem going “fatal error” on live ESPN report. The video was hyped when rapper B.o.B wrote few creepy tweets claiming that “human cloning” exists for years.

What added even more fuel to the ‘cloning is real’ story was when Tom Macdonald’s ‘Cloned Rappers’ music video was released and fans went into frenzy. Macdonald sings that the “Illuminati took bone samples to clone rappers” and then put the real ones in prison to “silence their vision.”

“If they can’t control you they erase the old you,” Macdonald continued, before listing some of the names that have been cloned—including Eminem.

Just by the sound of it, this theory is fishy, to say the least, but fans still believe it. One fan said: “I believe that Eminem’s is a clone he doesn’t look the same after the so-called accident where he just disappeared for about a year he came back looking different.”

And another said: “Em died in a car accident 2006… he’s been 6th dated like the movie. He stop rapping like Em a long time ago.”

Have you seen the movie “Don’t look up?” Well, this theory suggests that we are all doomed with our intelligence and would rather waste our time in other people’s lives than work on our own. The End.

If you like this story feel free to share it on your social media to make your friends and family laugh! At least if he’s not clone, laughter is the best medicine.

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