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‘Bed Rotting’: The Dangers Of The Latest TikTok Trend Among Gen-Z College Students

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‘Bed Rotting’: The Dangers Of The Latest TikTok Trend Among Gen-Z College Students

The term “bed-rotting” has gained popularity among Generation Z college students.

The phenomenon known as “bed rotting” has taken social media by storm, and you may be participating in it without even realizing it.

These days, it seems like every time we turn around, there’s a new fad flooding our news feeds.

In particular, TikTok has become a bustling center for the most recent memes, dances, kitchen experiments, and other weird and fascinating undertakings. Indeed, there is potential for ambiguity in the meaning of the term “bed-rotting” or “soft living.”

It could mean keeping your bed unmade on a regular basis or not washing your sheets for a while. The phrase is vague, which might lead to misunderstandings.

So, what does ‘bed rotting’ truly encompass?

Bed rotting, in its most basic sense, is nothing more than staying in bed all day.

Careless about the state of the world outside. To cocoon oneself is to withdraw from the world and act as if it doesn’t exist.

Image Credit: oliviagobrien / TikTok

It’s not unexpected that “soft living” has become a slang word for this way of life in light of the many stressful problems people face nowadays, such as the rising expense of living.

It’s a reaction to the insurmountable problems that individuals have to deal with on a daily basis.

But is this really the future we’re headed toward?

It’s healthy to reward yourself with a day of rest and relaxation now and again, but when it becomes the norm, it could be a red flag.

Washington University’s Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Jessi Gold used TikTok to address people’s worries about bed rotting and encourage them to consider the motivations behind the practice.

When someone says bed rotting, what precisely do they mean?

Dr. Gold claims that “bed rotting” occurs when an individual is so worn down by stress that they are unable to function. It becomes a coping method for them to stay in bed all day.

This is a common occurrence that can be chalked up to exhaustion from things like worry, stress, and lack of sleep.

@a.trabs i’ll be rotting away in bed #fyp ♬ original sound – abigail marie

Dr. Gold argues that one should not constantly fight the temptation to bed rot, but that one should always evaluate their intentions.

Your mental health can be improved by learning more about the causes of your soft living urges. Which can be used to ascertain whether or not more fundamental problems exist.

It would appear that the millennial generation is responsible for a widespread decline in work ethic, but is this really the case?

Recently, a Twitter user caught an image of a sign outside a store and published it, sparking a new argument between baby boomers and Gen-Zers.

@dryftsleep have you tried it? 🛌 #bedrotting #stressrelief #softliving #sleep ♬ Living in a Haze – Milky Chance

This screenshot was then posted to r/antiwork, where it sparked a heated debate.

The store’s failure to properly staff it was cited on the notice as an apology to customers.

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The corresponding post conveyed the following message: “I apologize for closing AGAIN. My 2 new cashiers quit because I said their boyfriends couldn’t stand here for their entire shift. Don’t Hire Gen Z’s, they don’t know what work actually means.” So what truly seems to be the problem?

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