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Astrologer Reveals Which Zodiac Signs Possess the Greatest Street Savvy


Astrologer Reveals Which Zodiac Signs Possess the Greatest Street Savvy

When you think of ‘street smarts’, you might come up with your best friend who walks around town with a lot of confidence and “don’t mess with me” energy, or your mom who always seems to know how to get around in a new city, even if she’s never been there before.

It takes a certain kind of ability to be street smart. You can be born with it or learn it by going out and meeting people and seeing the world. Being this smart can help you stay out of trouble because it makes you more aware of your surroundings and helps you stay calm and reasonable when things go wrong.

Think about the horoscope signs you’d want with you when you’re out late on a Friday night or the person you’d call when you’re in a jam—those signs probably know a lot about this subject.

Letao Wang, an astrologer and spiritual advisor from the Healing Kingdom, says, “Certain signs are known to exhibit particular traits more distinctly than others. Among these, when it comes to showcasing sharp intelligence, adaptability, and a swift wit, three zodiac signs truly distinguish themselves.”

Find out who they are by reading on.

Astrologer Reveals Which Zodiac Signs Possess the Greatest Street Savvy

Aries (from March 21 to April 19)

There is no way an Aries will back down.

Aries is not only brave, but also very sassy, so they give off a strong “don’t mess with me” vibe. “Ruled by Mars, the Roman god of war, Aries are born warriors,” says Wang. “They’re always on the frontlines, unafraid to dive headfirst into any situation.”

Also, they are a fire sign, which means they are very sure of themselves. “Just like an unstoppable wildfire, an Aries uses their intense energy and burning passion to navigate the labyrinth of life,” he says. They are always able to get out of trouble and aren’t afraid to tell people what’s wrong.

When it comes to themselves and their friends, an Aries will always be there for them. That’s why having them by your side always makes you feel better at any time.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Gemini can quickly figure out anything.

A Gemini is very hard to fool. “Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and being an air sign, they possess the ability to see situations from multiple perspectives, just like the wind touching everything in its path,” Wang says.

They won’t fall for scams and won’t give out more information than they need to. Wang says that Geminis are always 10 steps ahead of everyone else and come up with new and innovative ideas.

Not only that, but they also know how to get around the world really well, like they have a sixth sense. He says, “The next time you find yourself lost in a strange city, you might wish you had one of these signs by your side to lead the way.”

Scorpio (from October 23 to November 21)

Scorpio is always aware of what’s going on around them.

Scorpio is usually tuned in and aware of their surroundings because they are a water sign. Wang says, “Their keen perceptiveness is their built-in street smarts. They’re always alert and ready for any curveball life throws at them.”

This sign is sure of themselves and walks around with confidence. This gets them a long way in life. They are also very good at reading people, which helps. Scorpios can sense a bad vibe from a mile away, and they’ll be going the other way right away.

“Ruled by both Mars, the planet of action, and Pluto, which represents power and transformation, their water element reflects their ability to adapt to their surroundings like a river flowing around obstacles,” says Wang.

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That’s also why Scorpio stays cool under pressure. Without getting stressed, they’ll always be able to figure something out on the spot.

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