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Apparently My Wife She Wasn’t ‘Pretty Enough’ To Work In A Store — I Returned A Few Days Later For The Perfect Revenge

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Apparently My Wife She Wasn’t ‘Pretty Enough’ To Work In A Store — I Returned A Few Days Later For The Perfect Revenge

A rude store employee even had the audacity to make MY wife cry. She took that action solely because my spouse applied for a job at the company she worked for.

I acted to correct the problem after hearing my wife’s story. By doing what I did, I made sure the assistant would be careful who she spoke to!

This is a thrilling story of beautiful, pure retaliation! My name is Thomas, and my spouse, Emma, has always had a keen sense of style. Her exceptional taste is evident in her outfit. My Emma is well-versed in the newest fashions—not that I’m prejudiced or trying to brag!

Really, she’s the one who clothes me most of the time. No, it’s because she loves doing it, not because I think it’s her job because I’m sexist. And I’m not complaining since, to be honest, I always look amazing!

My wife avoided her real interest for years. She performed in a variety of professions. similar to working as a receptionist, a nurse for a short period of time (unfortunately), or even as a part-time artist. She was still unable to settle in, though.

My dear wife just made the decision to pursue her love of fashion as a job (see what I did there). She began aggressively looking for work in the retail industry. She reasoned that it would be a fantastic fit for her interests.

One day, all choked up, she told me the whole tale when she got home. Emma described how she spent the afternoon of that fateful day in the shopping mall. Then, she caught sight of a well-known lingerie shop with a “Now Hiring” sign displayed in the window.

She was excited and said, “I ran inside to ask right away!” But I was about to have the worst shock of my life. She described how, as soon as she tried to talk to the sales assistant, her exhilaration dissipated.

My wife was right in front of the impolite woman’s face before she even gave her a sidelong glance! Emma, who was still very excited but a little depressed, inquired about the application procedure for jobs. Rather, the assistant gave her a sneer and an arrogant gaze, scrutinizing every inch of her. Subsequently, she said these sharp words:

“Look, sweetie, you’re not attractive enough for this position. NOT A CHANCE. Please don’t even try.”

My wonderful wife was crying when she got home before she calmed down enough to tell me her story. The hurtful comment devastated her heart. My wife has never looked so completely broken before, and it broke my heart to see her like that.

In an attempt to comfort her, I encircled her with my arms. “Don’t let her affect you, my love.” You’re gifted and gorgeous. I whispered, “You’re worth so much more than her words.” However, why did she say that? Emma cried. “All I wanted to do was apply for a job.” I wasn’t worthy of that.

I attempted to comfort my wife by saying, “She’s a small-minded person, my angel.” I was enraged to see her in such dejection! Nobody—I repeat, nobody—should treat my Emma cruelly, make her feel this way, and get away with it!

Furthermore, what do you know? I became enraged and thought it was about time someone corrected that horrible assistant! I made the decision to teach the sales associate a humility lesson she would never forget!

I devised a plan throughout the course of the following few days. To request his assistance, I contacted my friend Mike, who works in the fashion industry. When Mike learned what had happened, he was more than happy to help.

Dude, it is just unbelievable.” Naturally, I’ll assist. Mike argued with her over the phone. “Let’s give her a taste of her own medicine.” After a few days, my plan got started. With my Emma’s assistance, I got dressed well and returned to the lingerie shop.

I made sure the sales assistant was working that day because I had done adequate research. Then I pretended to look through the aisles, looking for the right opportunity. I smiled warmly at the assistant when there weren’t many people in the store.

Hey, I want to get my wife something really unique. Could you assist me with selecting a few items?” I enquired. Seeing a big discount, her attitude instantly shifted. She started paying attention and pointing out different objects to me.

Certainly, sir! We have an excellent assortment. As we walked around the store, she inquired, in a now-sweet tone, “What’s the occasion?” “Just my wife’s kind of surprise.” I said, trying to seem thoughtful, “I want to get her something really special.

Fantastic! What do you think of this piece? “This is among our most well-liked products,” she added, gesturing to a pretty lace ensemble. “Do you think she could pull this off well?” Examining the underwear, I inquired. “Oh, without a doubt! It’s among our top-selling items.” She promised me that your wife would adore it.

Could you present me with some additional choices? I added, keeping her interested, “I want to make sure I get the perfect one.” I tried to keep her interested by making small talk as she showed me additional pieces. I asked, “So, how long have you been working here?”

Roughly half a year,” she answered. “If you have the right look for it, it’s a great job.” I pretended to be interested as I nodded. That’s intriguing. Do they frequently hire?

Only when they truly require assistance. They’re selective about the people they hire,” she remarked, sounding a little proud.

I told her I had to go outside and ask my wife’s opinion on one of the items after about thirty minutes. I called my friend Mike instead of Emma. He moved swiftly to carry out his portion of the scheme.

Together, we strolled back into the shop. My friend went over to the sales representative and introduced himself. With a wave, Mike said, “Hello there.” “Hello, I’m Mike Gladstone, a talent scout for a well-known clothing company.

He was impressed with the shop, giving the impression that it was a terrific place to discover new talent. “I’ve been searching for someone with a wonderful personality and a distinctive appearance.” Do you believe that someone similar could be present?

Excitedly, the assistant’s eyes grew wide. “Oh really?” She plainly believed this was her big break when she said, “Well, I’ve been told I have a great look for this sort of thing.” Mike shook his head, giving her a critical once-over.

He said, “I apologize, but I don’t think you quite fit what we’re looking for.” “You know we need someone who stands out in the right way?” The assistant appeared to be very enthralled!

Mike turned to me before she could say anything further. “How about you?” he inquired, pointing to me. “You seem like an intriguing person. Have you ever thought about being a model?” The assistant was astounded! She was shocked beyond belief!

No, but I do have someone in mind who would be perfect for your campaign,” I said with a smile. Without pausing for breath, I added, “My spouse, Emma. She is gorgeous on the inside and out, self-assured, and full of beauty.

Mike gave an enthusiastic nod. “I wish I could meet her.” Let’s schedule a meeting. I turned to face the helper, who looked pale and shook. Gazing directly into her eyes to convey my message, I uttered:

It’s strange how perceptions can be so deceptive, you know. Maybe the next time, you’ll reconsider your snap judgments about people based solely on appearance.

I could feel the assistant’s eyes piercing my back as we were leaving. Later, Emma and Mike had a meeting. Despite her decision not to pursue modeling, the event really boosted her self-confidence.

How did it go, then?” After my wife returned from her appointment with my friend, I asked her. “It was very incredible!” She said, “Mike was very professional and kind.” “He mentioned that I had genuine potential,” she remarked, her countenance beaming with joy.

I told you, sweetheart!” I gave her a strong hug in return and said, “You have what it takes.” Emma and I talked about what had happened over dinner that night. As she held my hand across the table, she said, “I can’t believe you did all that for me.

My darling, I would do everything for you.” I firmly responded, “No one gets to make you feel less than you are.

We returned to the shopping mall a week later. Emma strolled with a fresh sense of assurance this time. I had to take a quick peek inside the lingerie store as we were walking by. There she stood, the sales assistant, appearing still shaken from the shock.

Would you want to browse inside? I made fun of Emma. Shaking her head, she laughed. “I could live without that store forever!” We strolled on, holding hands, understanding that sometimes the best retaliation entails more than simply a cunning scheme. It’s about encouraging those you care about and assisting them in realizing their worth.

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