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An 8-year-old Girl Meant To Inherit A $61 Million Diamond Business In India Has Renounced Her Fortune


An 8-year-old Girl Meant To Inherit A $61 Million Diamond Business In India Has Renounced Her Fortune

This week, an 8-year-old diamond heiress in India handed up her riches to pursuit her own path to happiness.

Devanshi Sanghvi was set to inherit Sanghvi and Sons, her family’s jewelry firm in Surat, until she officially rejected earthly comforts and assumed her new duty under her religious organization on Wednesday, according to Agence France-Presse.

According to ICRA, an Indian credit bureau, her family business is valued over $61 million.

Sanghvi was admitted into monkhood after a lavish five-day ceremony, which was filmed by an active campaign on an Instagram account with 9,400 followers.

More than 100 images on the account show the young girl posing or engaging in numerous ceremonies with her parents and sibling this week, clothed in fine apparel and jewelry.

Prior to the ceremony, the Instagram page began publicizing Sanghvi’s initiation as early as September, while also glorifying religious values and respected Jain personalities.

“Today Devanshi has chosen to live a life on the path of spiritual development,” read a post that appears to have been written by her parents. “We know it is tough, but we are aware that the Diksha life will bring far more happiness than we can ever provide.”

On Wednesday, the page’s most recent images show Sanghvi following her makeover, beaming in white cotton gear that covers her head and flanked by other nuns and Jain followers.

Insider’s request for response was not immediately responded to by the Instagram page.

Her family is likewise of the Jain faith, according to AFP.

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According to the Pew Research Center, Jainism is one of the world’s oldest religions, having begun in India at least 2,500 years ago. With around 5 to 6 million members in India, the religious minority emphasizes the value of nonviolence, meditation, and shunning worldly pleasures and vegetarianism.

According to AFP, Sanghvi is one of the youngest people to be initiated into Jain monkhood and to give up worldly goods. According to the site, some Jain households push their children to become nuns or monks in order to boost their family’s social standing.

Nuns who have been initiated stop acknowledging their families as family members, pluck off their own hair, never shower, constantly walk barefoot, and eat only what they get in alms, as previously reported by the BBC’s Priyanka Pathak.

According to Bipin Doshi, a Jain philosophy professor at Mumbai University, if a person becomes a Jain nun, “your level of spirituality, social standing, religious standing gets so high, even the richest guy will come down and bow to you.”

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