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Al Roker Shares Sad News “Our Hearts Are Heavy”

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Al Roker Shares Sad News “Our Hearts Are Heavy”

It’s been a rough few years for Al Roker with all the health scare, but it just got tougher!

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Al Roker broke the sad news on social media today that his beloved rescue dog Pepper has passed away. For those of us that have dogs, we know how hard it feels losing a pet family member…

The longtime Today weatherman sent a heartfelt homage to Pepper on social media.

Pepper passed away yesterday, as Roker revealed earlier in the day, along with a slideshow of the adorable dog’s old pictures.

Like many other grieving pet owners, Roker expressed gratitude for the many happy years he shared with his dog despite being saddened by his passing.

“12 years ago, this sweet little girl named Pepper changed our lives,” Roker wrote. “Yesterday, we had to say goodbye. While our hearts are heavy, they are also fuller because of all the love she bestowed on everyone who got to meet her.”

In 2012, Roker and his spouse, writer Deborah Roberts, took in Pepper from a shelter in Pennsylvania.

Fans of Roker have long adored Pepper, who frequently makes appearances on the anchor’s social media platforms.

Roker did not provide a cause of death, although last month Pepper had emergency surgery. Roker missed a Today show episode because his dog was recovering. Prayers and support for Pepper were many.

Deborah Roberts stated at the time, “We are grateful for any and all prayers for our sweet doggie who has stolen our hearts for 12 years now.”

When Pepper made an appearance on Today in March 2020, during the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak, as Roker checked in from home, it was possibly the most memorable moment for many fans.

With the dog curled up in his lap, Roker said to Hoda Kotbe, “Pepper says she wants wants to lick your face, but will do it socially distant.”

“Watching you pet that dog makes me feel better,” Kotbe retorted.

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As Al Roker and his family mourn their beloved dog 💔😢, our thoughts are with them. Kindly SHARE this article with Family and Friends in Pepper’s honor!

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