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If You Find A Plastic Bottle Left On The Hood Of Your Car, You Need To Know The Creepy Thing It Might Mean

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If You Find A Plastic Bottle Left On The Hood Of Your Car, You Need To Know The Creepy Thing It Might Mean

You could be in danger anywhere.

Scammers are becoming more crafty in their attempts to approach you and con you with their abilities.

They target everyone, regardless of age or background, using odd things like envelopes in the car and other odd objects on the hood.

Let’s examine your ability to spot warning signs and know what to do.

The nighttime is getting late. After parking in the supermarket lot, you lock up your car and head out to shop.

Upon your return, you discover that one of your windshield wipers has a shirt wrapped around it.

If this actually does happen to you, don’t stop to remove the item of clothing from your windshield. Instead, get into your car as swiftly as possible and drive away.

Only when you’ve found a well-lit area—ideally with people nearby—should you stop and discard the clothing.

The usage of a shirt or other large piece of cloth to draw attention away from lonely drivers is a relatively new tactic used by criminals.

They might surprise you while you’re doing this, and then who knows what can happen.

Opening your trunk when carrying shopping bags puts you at risk of being broken into by robbers and hinders your ability to react quickly.

After you’re safe, throw the bags in the car and organize them later.

When you get back to your car, you might be even more alarmed to discover an envelope inside of it.

It was undoubtedly locked, which is how someone managed to get in.

First things first, drive off right away and keep in mind fundamental security. Then, it would be prudent to discard the envelope without opening it because, who knows, there might be something unsavory within.

Let’s say, however, that your curiosity won out and you nevertheless opened it.

A notification along the lines of “Dear Sir/Madam, we’ve tested your car’s security and found it unsatisfactory. As you can see, your car can easily be broken into. We expect you to pay us for this test, and in return, we’ll make sure to send someone to help you install a better security system.”

Fortunately, they haven’t taken anything, so throw the mail away and ignore the letter.

Scammers are likely to try something worse or repeat their trick if you give them money.

The best course of action is to replace your security system if you’re unsure of its capabilities or visit a reputable auto repair shop to inspect your security system on your own.

You are in serious risk if there is a water bottle on the bonnet of your car.

It’s intended to divert your attention and force you to exit the vehicle, much like a piece of clothes on your wipers, but this situation is much worse.

You can be up for something awful even if you decide not to walk outside and get rid of the bottle or any other really huge and distracting object before driving straight home.

Driving home puts you at risk of being followed by the folks who put the bottle on your car’s hood since they may have installed a GPS tracker on your vehicle.

You could either go directly to the closest police station and ask them to do it for you, or you should pick a safe area with many of people around and check your car for the tracker.

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