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After Watching This You Will Never Eat Another Hot Dog Again


After Watching This You Will Never Eat Another Hot Dog Again

We all know how fast food is dangerous for our overall health. Yet, we cannot control our desire to eat it.

However, the consumption level of such foods has increased to such levels that number of people falling victim to several menacing diseases is alarming.

In an article that Reuters had published, they had described an association between several fast foods and the risk of leukemia.

NCBI published an extensive study after researching 515 Taiwanese children both without and with the probability of having leukemia disease. The study revealed that children had a higher chance of suffering from leukemia after they had consumed processed and packaged meat and fish. They are prone to a higher percentage risk of cancer which is nearly about 74% elevated risk levels than those who do not eat such food at all.

On the other hand, vegetables and soy products, which can lower the chances of developing leukemia by about half percentage, are avoided by most people, also including green leafy vegetables, while in place of that the of consumption frozen meat and fish is definitely increasing, even to daily consumption levels. So completely ignoring or not including vegetables in your diet can lead to catastrophic diseases and sickness.

Dr. David C. Christiani from the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston) was one of the researchers who, after experimenting children eating processed food, found out that cured meat like bacon, hot dogs and ham, and even some staple dishes from China like dried salted duck, salted fish and other food of their culture and origin have similar but harmful effects on human body and human metabolism.

Majority of processed meats contain chemicals like nitrites and nitrosamines, so cured meats are equally destructive to human bodies. Therefore, they should be banned as food products, because it’s better not to consume such meat and fall prey to various diseases.

Such meats are processed using detrimental chemicals like nitrites. As Reuters explains to us in detail, these foods are preserved and flavored by adding salt to it, and also sugar and certain other chemicals called nitrites. Sometimes these foods are smoked so well, you cannot understand anything from outside.

Nitrites are a forerunner to compounds which is called nitrosamines, which are “potentially cancer-promoting”. It is an extremely harmful procedure of treating meat and when it is consumed by humans, it leaves behind a trail of negative elements in our body and the results start appearing in a colossally dangerous form, albeit gradually. Sometimes it becomes incurable, hence leading to death.

Another study published on PubMed and conducted in the Los Angeles County of California suggests that the reports and proper estimates say that leukemia risks are associated with human NOC intake levels. These are the conclusions of a comprehensive, focused investigative study and epidemiological study that warrants the effect of chemically induced meat on children.

Children are usually bigger fans of junk food. This same study points out that children who eat hot dogs more than twelve times a month are nine times more likely to suffer from this disease and from developing childhood leukemia.

The estimates are shocking but true!

Another similar study conducted by researchers Sarusua and Savitz in Denver, Colorado, reported a similar statistics proving an equally dangerous and likely link between meat products and risks of developing cancer. Pregnant mothers who eat hot-dogs regularly for more than once a week have greater chances of getting cancer. As a result, it harms the child growing inside of her. The child also develops a big risk of getting a brain tumor and the chances increase by almost two times.

Fast foods like ham, sausage and bacon, hot dogs and hamburgers, salami, bologna, pastrami, corned beef for lunch meat and even charcoal broiled foods are the main culprits behind developing brain tumors in children and the stakes are high. Even eating hamburgers in a higher amount every week can increase the chances of getting affected with childhood cancer, therefore dooming your life completely.

An article published by Global Healing Centre drew a lot of attention when it had mentioned that preservatives used in hot-dogs and similar food was nitrites that had the potential of affecting human functioning, thereby leading to cancer. They combine and mix with amines, which are already present in the meat to form another unhealthy compound called carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds.

Moreover, nitrites combine with amines in the human stomach to form N-nitroso compounds like carcinogens. These elements give birth to cologne cancer, stomach cancer, cancer in oral cavity, bladder and the esophagus. This can also lead to brain cancer.

So what is the remedy?

Vegetables like lettuce, celery, spinach have been proven to reduce and lower the chances of having cancer. These vegetables have nitrites too, but these nitrites are rich in Vitamin C and D which prevents the development of N-nitroso in the body. Hence, it becomes important to consume nitrite free junk food like hot dogs and hamburgers. You can notice it by yourself if it is brownish in color while tasting the same.

It’s always helpful and healthy to follow the recommended guidelines of the researchers for a disease free future life.

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