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After Two Bone Marrow Transplants This Young Hero Singing Will Make Your Day


After Two Bone Marrow Transplants This Young Hero Singing Will Make Your Day

The caption of the video says:

“She’s an overcomer. Septic shock, Two bone marrow transplants, graft vs. Host disease and 325 days away from home in the hospital. God is so good to us through it all and Leah is proof of his mercy and grace! I do not own the rights to this song.”

Leah is a 5 year old with Severe Congenital neutropenia. She had her 1st bone marrow transplant on 2/7/14 and her 2nd on 3/29/16. She is recovering from GVHD.

Severe congenital neutropenia is a condition that causes affected individuals to be prone to recurrent infections. People with this condition have a shortage (deficiency) of neutrophils, a type of white blood cell that plays a role in inflammation and in fighting infection.

This young hero is winning these heroic battles!

Videos like this one reminds us that we should count our blessings more often. We are so lucky to have all we have right now, and it’s always enough. Needing more and thinking that we have less is what we always regret in the end.

People around the world struggle for food and water and we are given a choice what to eat… not to mention how many sinks we have at home so we can choose which one to use!

Always, ALWAYS be grateful for what you have right now. It’s OKAY to want more, but it’s a blessing alone to be alive on this beautiful word. Don’t forget that!

This incredible video is just what I needed to see today!

Follow Leah on her Facebook Page and pray for her!

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