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After 6 Hours Delayed Flight This Crew Steps On The Scene To Cheer People Up

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After 6 Hours Delayed Flight This Crew Steps On The Scene To Cheer People Up

Traveling, exploring the deep beauty of the world… that’s what I aim for! You just can’t get enough of traveling if you’re wanderer like me. To me, a rich person is one who have traveled the world and read many books.

In the hectic world we live in, traveling can be a great escape of the everyday routine. I call it “the charging of negative ions!”

There is only one thing I would invent to make traveling easier. Teleport. Yes, you heard me!

Traveling is beautiful, but I hate airports. I hate passport control, I hate random check-ups and I especially hate one thing, delays!

Delays are unavoidable… you just can’t predict bad weather in Italy, or a sudden bird strike on the plane you were supposed to take. There are many things that can happen to prevent our plane from landing on time.

The Funkywunks came to the rescue!

“The Funkywunks”, a dance crew from Orlando, Florida, saved the day. They have crew members from 17-28 years, and they are 11 people in total.

They were on NBC’s “World of Dance” and stunned the judges with their dance style and unique moves.

Their style is mostly hip-hop, but they borrow influences from all sorts of dance genres that add sparkle to their unique style and flare.

Now imagine this: your flight is delayed for 6 hours and you’re stuck at the airport. You turn your head to the right and you see 11 people getting ready to take the floor on “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars.

To be honest, it would really make my day better, knowing the fact that I will be there stuck for 6 hours!

Make sure to follow Funkywunks on their Facebook Page!

Watch the video bellow:


Delayed Flight ✈️ for 6 hours in Dallas. Many angry 😡 & tired passengers. Soooo Funkywunks sprung into action to do what we do BEST!!! Entertain and put smiles back on their faces 😁!

Posted by Funkywunks on Friday, 7 September 2018

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