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A Senior Stepped On Scene And Won The Hearts Of Judges In The First Second

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A Senior Stepped On Scene And Won The Hearts Of Judges In The First Second

The Voice is an international reality television singing competition franchise.

It is established on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland. Many other countries have modified the format and begun airing their own versions.

It has become a rival to the Idols franchise, Rising Star and The X Factor.

The fans of the hit show now have something very exciting to look forward to. It’s because there’s a new show called “The Voice Seniors”. Why are the youngsters only given a chance? Why not the seniors, who “think” the time is up for them? Well, The Voice Seniors is made exactly to give seniors a chance to shine!

A man named Louis Windzak took the hearts of the judges the first second he opened his mouth! He won the buzzer right away by singing the all time favorite “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown.

No one was expecting that voice, and the judges just couldn’t wait to see his face the second he stars to sing!

Looking at Louis sing and dance, only a person without taste will say that this guy wasn’t born to be an entertainer! He has a great voice, a good vibe, and great personality, judging him by his act on the scene!

For everyone who thinks that age is just a number, that’s probably right! It’s never too late to do the things you wanted to do. Just go for it! Louis Windzak is just one of the cases.

This guy just made my day!

Thanks to The Voice of Holland for publishing this amazing video! Make sure to follow them on their Facebook Page and YouTube Channel!

Watch the video bellow:

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