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According To A Source Gwen Stefani Is Finally Pregnant With Blake Shelton

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According To A Source Gwen Stefani Is Finally Pregnant With Blake Shelton

An story from December claims that Blake Shelton had a hard time finding a balance between being a friend and a role model to his stepsons. They had been married for a year when the country music artist and Gwen Stefani started a family of three boys.

The constant camaraderie between Shelton, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma Rossdale was unveiled by Shelton in 2021. The celebrity admitted he had no problem being friendly with the lads, but then he noticed that they paid attention to what he had to say as well.

Being a stepfather was “scary” for the musician since he knew he would have a lot of responsibility and questioned whether it was more difficult than being a biological father. Nevertheless, it was said that the solutions to his inquiries were only around the corner.

According to an insider, Stefani’s deepest desire was to grant her husband “his own child.” According to the source, the country singer’s wife “decided to give IVF another chance a few months ago” after a brief hiatus from trying to conceive.

The singer allegedly decided to give in-vitro fertilization (IVF) another go after giving up on it due to the emotional toll it was taking. If Shelton were to step down from “The Voice” after season 23, he could devote more time to being a dad.

After trying to conceive naturally for a long time with no luck, the singer and her husband decided to try in vitro fertilization (IVF). Both their minds and bodies were damaged by the process, so physicians advised Stefani to take a break.

He despised seeing Stefani in such a vulnerable state, according to the insider, because she had put so much pressure on herself to conceive for Shelton. The singer took a break to concentrate on her business, her children, her engagement in 2020, and her wedding the following year.

After that, in 2022, the pair allegedly made an appointment with a doctor in Los Angeles not long ago. Reportedly, the No Doubt member “finally got pregnant” in early December of that year after beginning a regimen of healthy eating, acupuncture, meditation, and more.

Stefani purportedly became a mother for the fourth time at the age of 53, fulfilling a lifelong desire for the pair. Rumor has it that Shelton’s wife was sporting a pregnancy indicator while she was already married!

Did Gwen Show off a Baby Bump?

Supposedly revealing her little baby bulge, Stefani walked the red carpet at the NYWICI Matrix Awards on October 26, 2022, in a pink dress. While her acquaintances were enthralled by the news of her pregnancy, she and her husband were supposedly “beyond overjoyed” and thought of it as a “Christmas miracle.”

Shelton, who was 46 years old at the time, posted a selfie of himself and his wife at the event to social media two days thereafter. After he mentioned that she was his “favorite person” and that he was “proud” of her, a fan questioned:

“Is that a baby bump?”

They were “increasing your family!” according to another person who congratulated the happy couple. “Many blessings” from God were sent to the newlyweds by the fan.

The event, which featured games, cupcakes, and mocktails, was anticipated to attract more famous people.

Three people have commented on the supposed baby bump, with one calling Shelton a “great father!!” Rumor has it that the couple was already planning to have a fourth child, and the country star was more than prepared to take on the role of father thanks to his role as a loving stepfather.

How Did the Couple Prepare for Their Alleged Upcoming Child?

Shelton treated Stefani’s children as if they were his own, even though they weren’t his real children. But someone close to him said he joked about how there was plenty of testosterone in his house and how he would want “a girl” if he could have his way.

Allegedly, the couple was getting ready to have a baby in their houses in Oklahoma and California. Rumor has it that Shelton has already started constructing items for the nursery, including the crib, and has even purchased a pink cowgirl bonnet and boots, according to an insider.

After a lengthy journey, the country singer made sure his wife was relaxed and carefree by spoiling her. Taylor Swift allegedly hosted a tiny, animal-themed baby shower that Shelton had hired.

The event, which featured games, cupcakes, and mocktails, was anticipated to attract more famous people. Stefani had cut back on her career so that she and the country star could spend more time with their family.

This is a “new chapter” in the couple’s lives, according to one insider. According to rumors, the coach and his wife from “The Voice” were “excited” about what was to come!

Is This Just the Most Recent Rumor?

Since speculation regarding the couple’s parentage has been circulating for some time, fans are impatiently awaiting confirmation from them. An piece about Stefani looking like she was rocking a baby bump was published in 2017 by the same publication that claimed the couple’s hopes had come true.

Nevertheless, speculations have been circulating since early 2016, just a short time after Blake and Stefani started dating. The country musician immediately shot down any speculation that he and Stefani may start a family by stating:

“I think it’s awfully early to be talking about that, don’t you?”

Months later, there was another rumor, but this one didn’t even last. Ironically, in keeping with Life & Style’s current claim, Stefani published an ultrasound picture on April 1, 2016, confirming her pregnancy with a young girl. That being said, it was a practical joke on April Fools’ Day.

Another magazine enthusiastically and incorrectly reported in 2020 that the couple had conceived through in vitro fertilization. A year down the road, in March of 2021, Blake’s remark on “The Voice” became the basis for speculation.

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When asked why Stefani wasn’t there, he jokingly said that she is “delivering twins right now.”

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