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A Young Man Washed His Father’s Hands For The First Time. What He Realized Changed His Whole Life

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A Young Man Washed His Father’s Hands For The First Time. What He Realized Changed His Whole Life

A young man went to seek an important, bigger role at a large company.

He passed all the interviews, and it was time for the final interview with the CEO. The director saw that his resume was flawless. Yet he asked:

– Have you received a scholarship? The boy replied: No.
– It was your father who paid for your studies?
– Yes. – He said.
– Where does your father work?
– My father is a Blacksmith.

The Director asked the young man to show him his hands. When he put his hands on the table the CEO saw that they were soft and perfect.

– Have you ever helped your father at his job?
– Never, my parents always wanted me to study and read more books that I need for my job. Besides, he is much better than me at what he is doing.

The director said:

– I’ve got a request: When you go home today, go and wash your fathers hands and come see me tomorrow morning.

The young man thought it was a weird request, but still wanted the job position badly, so he went home and asked his father to wash his hands.

His father felt strange that his son is asking for such a weird request, but still happy he asked. He gladly allowed his son to wash his hands.

The young man washed his hands, little by little. It was the first time he realized that his pops hands were old and wrinkly with so many tiny scars. His skin was rough and his fingers and hands were enlarged.

It hit the young man as a bliss. He though: “What my father had to go through to give me comfortable life and pay for my studies? I have been taking it all for granted and never showed him any gratitude. This bruises I see was the price he paid for my education and life.”

After washing his pops hands for the first time, they sat in silence for a while and started talking for a long few hours. It was one of those once in a lifetime talks we have with our fathers.

The next morning, the young man went to the office of the director.

The Director noticed the teary eyed young man and asked him:

– Can you tell me what you did and what you learned yesterday at your house?

The boy replied:

– I washed my father’s hands and when I finished I stayed and cleaned his workshop after a long and wonderful conversation.
– Now I know what it is to appreciate and recognize that without my parents, I would not be who I am today. By helping my father I now realize how difficult and hard it is to do something on my own. I have come to appreciate the importance and the value in helping the family. And sir, thank you for giving me that seemingly weird task yesterday.

The director said:

– This is what I look for in my people. I want to hire someone who can appreciate the help of others, a person who knows the hardship of others to do things, and a person who does not put money as his only goal in life. You are hired.

When we are given so much in life, and protected by anything we have to face, like bullies in school and hardship later in life, we develop a mentality of “I have the right” and “this is what I want” instead of “how can I help” and “how can we solve this together.” Worst of all, those type of kids never give the credit their parents deserve.

We can give them the “world” as they say… a big computer, classes, great food, roof over their heads, but when it’s time to do real work, like mowing the lawn, throwing out the trash, painting a wall… let them do that too.

No matter how rich we are, the knowledge and habits we pass to our children, as well as the appreciation they should have for people is all that matters. Some people spoil their kids to the point where they are unable to do anything themselves. This is very damaging later in life.

Let this story be a reminder that we should always appreciate the sacrifice and effort our parents put to give us a chance to progress further in life.

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