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‘A Miracle Baby’: Black Couple Gives Birth To A Blond, Blue-Eyed Child And Geneticists Are In Shock


‘A Miracle Baby’: Black Couple Gives Birth To A Blond, Blue-Eyed Child And Geneticists Are In Shock

Recently we received a very heartwarming story on our email, and it’s not the one you hear every day.

It’s about two high school sweethearts who battled every day problems to get to a point and say “we’ve been through a lot, and that’s OK. We are glad to wake up every day and say to each other, I love you.”

In the midst of it all, when Raven got pregnant, they received the first unique gift that shocked the geneticists!

Without further a due, here’s what they have to say about their life, and once you hear it, it’s hard not to share it all over your social media!

Here’s what Raven has to say:

Me and my husband met my 9th and his 10th grade year of high school in 2006. At this time he had just moved back from Atlanta to our home town with his family, which he grew up in as a child as well.

His mom was battling breast cancer and it was just him his older sister and his mom so they moved back to lake butler to be closer to family. He had joined the military in 2008 but had to stop and come home due to her getting very sick and she passed away that same year.

This would be the time where now looking back we wish we had our first child while she was around but that’s life and things happen for a reason.

We had our first daughter in 2011 she was born our color, just as beautiful as can be.

Our second son was born in 2014 and this is when uniqueness started in our family.

He was born with white/fair skin blue eyes and at the time his hair had an orange tint to it. Later it turned blonde of course but people always thought his color would later change but never did.

My husband who was just my fiancé at the time was of course questioning things when he was born but he never told me this until years later and he better be glad he didn’t because he knows I’m not that type of girl.

People would always joke and say I slept with the milk man. But no matter the color difference he looked just like his dad.

In 2015 we finally got married we still didn’t have the money for a big wedding and that never mattered to us. My grandmother was a pastor. She passed away a few years after. But she married us in her living room. It was just me her my husband and one of my younger brothers. But again, that didn’t matter.

We will forever carry on that memory of her marring us and will always mean more than an expensive wedding with tons of people.

Then in 2016 we had our second son who this time came out brown skin brown eyes looking like me and dad. Busy little thing and still is.

In 2018, we were shook again at the fact that we had another blonde hair blue eyed fair skin baby but this time a beautiful little girl. Miss sassy is what she was and what she is.

She our tik tok famous baby now her and dad are always winning TikTok over with their dance moves ….. TikTok page is @theedenfields2.0 just if you want to see more of our family in action.

We took our 4 children to a geneticist and they had never seen anything like it. No blood work was done but we were told that it’s a gene that me and dad Carrie’s together because they have never seen anything like it.

They aren’t considered to be albino, they just have something called ocular albinism which is not even noticeable by the optometrist because they both have good vision.

They also told us that if we continued to have children it may skip each child as it already did AT THAT TIME!

So fast forward to 2021 when here we were pregnant again and guessing what color our baby may come out, I know shame on us but we couldn’t help it, haha…

On June 14th our 3rd blonde hair blue eyed fair, white skin baby came making a grand appearance. And yes we were shocked, because never in a million years would we would have thought ANOTHER ONE, but there she was and the color didn’t skip this time.

January 9th 2023 Miss Patricia Ellie Amor Edenfield was born. We were hoping for a boy as we didn’t have any girl names picked because we were planning on naming him after a cousin of my husband’s who had just passed in a car accident. But as if got closer to her birth riding down the road as the sun was setting me and my husband looked at each other and he said what about Patricia.

It brought tears to his eyes when we finally came up with the middle name as well, because his moms name was Patricia and her Nick name was Sunshine. We felt like we were giving his mom life again by name our next little girl after her. And there she was again ANOTHER blonde hair blue eyed fair skin baby girl!

We’ve had our struggles in life our ups and downs but beyond that we know that we are forever blessed no matter what life throws our way.

We are always glad to be able to get out as a family and make someone’s day and put a smile on their face.

We get asked all kinds of questions and yes some are a little crazy and off the wall, but we get told our kids need to be models or we need our own tv show all the time and we also get those who try to be negative.

But none of it ever gets us down we are just thankful to have each other as family and wake up to be able to say I love you each day.

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