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A Healthy Woman Was Cleaning Her House For 2 Hours. Then She Noticed Her Hands and Fingers Turned Dark Black

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A Healthy Woman Was Cleaning Her House For 2 Hours. Then She Noticed Her Hands and Fingers Turned Dark Black

We all know the hassle of cleaning. When you think about it, it’s a never ending task, especially if we have small kids or pets. Sometimes we get the illusion that the more we clean, the dirtier it gets! We simply cannot get rid of it. Even if we have cleaning maid, we still have to clean up from time to time. When cleaning and doing housework it is pretty common to get carried away and get small scrapes or cuts that are usually no big deal.

We always clean ourselves up after scrubbing and cleaning the home. Our bodies possess amazing ability to heal itself on its own if we have proper immune system function. On the good side, we have the spike in medicine and technology that we’re seeing life expectancy peaking by the years. It’s highest it’s ever been.

This brings us to a horrifying story all the way from Hubei, China. Mrs. Zhang an otherwise healthy 53-year-old woman was cleaning around the house, doing the usual chores. Mrs. Zhang had no underlying diseases or illnesses. As she cleaned up her house she got a few little cuts on her hands…

She saw the small cuts but it wasn’t the first time she cut her hands during cleaning, so she tossed that worry aside. But after 48 hours she noticed that a bruise was starting to form around the areas she cut herself on. Again, she tossed that worry aside as she thought the body is healing itself on its own.

As the days went by, she noticed these strange bruises began to spread throughout her entire hand and turn dark in color! That’s when Mrs. Zhang knew she had to visit the doctor for quick checkup. By the time she went to the doctor her hands turned almost completely dark and her right hand was starting to look about the same as the left.

The doctor examined her hands and knew what was going on. Both of her hands had Gangrene! To be more specific, it was Dry Gangrene, which unlike the normal Gangrene it doesn’t have an unpleasant odor, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not scary. The blackness meant that her hands were starting to die out, called necrosing or death of the tissue.

The doctor immediately sent her to a specialist and they started treating her with antibiotics. They also had to remove the black, died out tissue in order to fully remove the disease. At first they saw improvement but the Dry Gangrene got aggressive that they had to remove bigger part of her hands and tissue. Luckily for Mrs. Zhang, a good portion of her hands were still not affected by the aggressive gangrene and she should be able to recover. Untreated Gangrene can even lead to death.

Her story is a great reminder to stay cautious and vigilant. If your body is showing signs and feelings that something is not right, trust yourself and schedule a doctors appointment. Hope for the best, but don’t toss aside the worries that something might be wrong.

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