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8 Things People Don’t Realize They Display Because They Are Spiritually Awake


8 Things People Don’t Realize They Display Because They Are Spiritually Awake

Spiritual awakening is an exciting process. Spiritually awakened people are aware of this feeling and for that they have adopted new abilities to deal with it. They are special.

If you are on the journey to become spiritually awakened, these are some of the things you might be doing even though you are not aware of it yet:

1. Questioning everything

Spiritually aware people like to over-analyze the world around them. As a result, they like to question everything. Their introspective nature doesn’t let them rest until they have spent hours dwelling and analyzing on a certain topic. They won’t believe the mainstream news that easily unless they check two or more alternative sources. Their motto is to question everything. Sometimes, they even question their own selves and their pre-meditated choices again and again!

2. Not following the herd

Nothing mainstream suits you very well. Your life is set in the way you feel it should be set. Society doesn’t dictate your life and neither do you allow it to do so. A 9am till 5pm job? No! You’d rather become self-employed. Partying? Not at all, you’d rather read some books and have a healthy self-cooked dinner. You have the tendency to do the opposite of what the rest of the people do. It doesn’t mean you’re someone better – you also don’t consider yourself superior in any way. You are just naturally following what your heart wants you to do.

3. Savior complex

The world doesn’t make any sense. We are more connected than ever, yet we are disconnected. We continue to pump toxic gases into the environment, spread hate and do harm that we know will come back to damage us. It really makes no sense. But you’d rather contribute in any way you can to save the world. People may call you a silly dreamer but, for you, everyone matters and you don’t mind helping others. It comes to you from the deep empathy within and it makes you a really caring person. Sometimes, you feel bad because too much empathy is what makes it extremely difficult to survive in such a painful world.

4. Alone time is the best time

You know you are different for some reason. You go down a different path while society is on the opposite way. Since you don’t like most of the things that other people do, you end up spending most of the time with your own self. Cafes and books give you solace. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself in nature. But only if you’re not already in bed, with a book above your face.

5. New ideas interest you

People who are spiritually awakened no longer have a loud ego controlling them. They do not like disputes, even though they might know enough arguments to put forward. Rather, they are open to new ideas and would like to absorb them. The world you know of is really divided and the only way any union could be brought between people is by listening to each other.

6. You give solid advice

People need help and advice and you know it. Your friends also believe that you have a really unique way of looking at the world. So, whenever they start lacking perspective, you can be sure that they’re the ones knocking on your door. They know you are the only one who can give solid advice. Plus, you are really kind and have never shrugged at lending your ear to anyone. That makes you an amazing problem-solver.

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7. Authority has never pleased you

Authority is really corrupted according to you. You probably are unaware of it yet but, inside your mind, you are constantly questioning authority and the way things are set up to work. People in the higher levels never really seemed like authorial people to you – they were just human beings behind uniforms and badges. You do follow the law, but you know it has loopholes and you really don’t like how it is enforced. Let’s not even start talking about the corruption in the system!

8. There’s some profound meaning in all things

The universe is full of mystery and you like to think about it. Small talk is just a waste of time for you. You’d rather talk for hours on quantum physics and other galaxies about the purpose of life and religion. Gossip has never really suited you. If all else fails, you’d probably try to observe the patterns of the wings of a butterfly. These are signals from the universe and your mind is constantly working to find a meaning in them.

Spiritually awakened people have a lot of rebellious elements in them, especially regarding how they shirk authority and don’t follow the herd. But they are subtler, and their rebel spirit is not conscious – it just comes from within. If you find these behaviors in you, you’re probably one of the few spiritually awaken people here on earth. So best of luck on your spiritual journey.

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