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8 Sure Signs That Reveal Toxic Person Within 5 Minutes


8 Sure Signs That Reveal Toxic Person Within 5 Minutes

Draining, non-supportive, judgmental, manipulative and most importantly, inconsistent! Did this definition fit someone you know?

These traits are those of a true toxic person. These people are emotional vampires and will leave you feeling exhausted if you interact with them. Toxic people will make you feel miserable about yourself. After being around such people, you simply feel emotionally drained and sometimes might be left bummed or in a funky mood.

However, it is not easy to identify them at first because they get along really well. You might have a few of these kind of people in your life, and you experience all of the above mentioned, but you just don’t understand why.

These signs will help you identify one real quick:

1. They simply can’t mind their own business

You must be knowing people who jump straight into gossip after saying hi! They will spill out secrets and start rumors; they will try their best to tarnish someone’s reputation. As Gabriel García Márquez said, “The only thing worse than bad health, is a bad name”. They will try and bring someone’s name down, behind their back. Nothing interests them more than a person’s downfall and it is the source of their meaningless talk. Stay away from such people.

2. They couldn’t be more cocky

The narcissistic toxic person’s modus operandi includes attaining complete control of a situation and a person. They will behave like they deserve your undivided attention and make you feel that they are better than you. They will invade your space and prove their point while turning a deaf ear to your opinions. They are not humble and will constantly bask in the glory of their being, neglecting you, yet demanding your time and energy. Do I need to say more? Please run for the door before you lose your voice.

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3. They complain about everything

Toxic people see the world as black or white and believe that terrible things happen only to them. They are always complaining about something or the other. They do not understand that the Universe will return the message they send out, and in their case it is always negative. So if you don’t want to drown in despair, the door is open!

4. They act and think that they are better than everyone else

Toxic people portray a perfect picture of their lives. This is because they want you to feel terrible about yourself and give them the attention they desire. They will fill you with bitterness and enjoy tearing your worldview apart. Do you want this kind of manipulation?

5. They simply don’t care

Toxic people are full of themselves. They will fake interest to churn out gossips but never give you a solution to your problems. They are pathetic listeners and it is better if you write your woes down on a piece of paper, because it won’t spill out to the next person present!

6. They don’t show any empathy

They are truly cold hearted and nothing moves them. You can never expect even an ounce of emotion from toxic people because they don’t care about your well being. You can’t discuss anything with them since they believe they are always right and you are always wrong. They will state their opinion in a matter-of-fact manner and get it over and done with. They will not listen to a word you say, which will obviously get on your nerves. So why make yourself go through the torture? Leave before they drain you.

7. Nothing can satisfy them

Toxic people can never see any good. Never. They will find reasons to sulk even on joyous occasions and ruin everyone’s mood. Their suffering is mostly self-inflicted, but they never seem to see that because of their inflated ego. All your positive efforts of uplifting them will be twisted with a negative touch.

8. They make you feel terrible

Naturally, their condescending attitude will take a toll on you and you’ll end up questioning your abilities. They are always trying to make you feel pathetic about your life and their aim is to make you sad. You do not deserve such a companion, so severe ties with them and surround yourself with supporting people.

You will identify them by their negative vibes and when you do, stay away.

Image was originally taken and inspired by an incredible artist Atomicsalvador

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