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13 Behaviors Every Over-Thinker Has (But Never Talks About)


13 Behaviors Every Over-Thinker Has (But Never Talks About)

There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts. It can be your creative best friend or your worst enemy. Honestly, 90% of our problems would’ve been solved if we calmed down and didn’t have the tendency to overthink.

Life of an over-thinker is not easy. They have weird habits instilled in them which create issues in their day to day life. If you want to know what these issues are, continue reading.

1. They are very insecure

Over-thinkers take way more time in making a decision than a normal person. They examine the situation from every direction and analyze it over and over again. In a professional field, this goes a little overboard and comes across as you being diffident.

2. They have terrible sleeping patterns

If you ever ask an over-thinker when they had a good night of sleep last time, they’ll possibly smirk followed with a sigh and continue doing their work. This isn’t being rude. This is called being helpless.

3. They are very fun to be around

One of the best sights ever is to see an over-thinker having fun. I know it’s a rare sight but trust me, they’re crazy when they aren’t thinking. Most over-thinkers turn to intoxication to loosen themselves and that is when the real party starts. They can crack a joke on everything because they’ve already examined situations deeply. An intoxicated over-thinker is a very fun person to be around.

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4. They are always looking for reassurance

A huge part of an over-thinker’s life is spent on seeking validation. They are really concerned about what others think of them. For them, others opinion play a vital role. They constantly need to be told that they are doing fine or that nobody is mad at them.

5. They are amazing at conversing

As weird as it sounds, it is true that over-thinkers are also amazing at conversing. They are often really involved in music, art, movies and sports, which is why you can really speak to them about anything and everything.

6. Travelling is their ultimate nightmare

Overthinking has a lot to do with anxiety attacks as well. An over-thinker is never completely in one place. Their body and mind aren’t always together. Travelling is like a tsunami of anxiety for them because most of the time they are panicking about something or the other, from luggage to keys to passports to shoelaces.

7. They apologize way too much and for nothing

They apologize a lot. Sometimes even for the mistakes they didn’t make. A lot of people also take advantage of this and blame them for things they didn’t even do, just to get rid of it from themselves.

8. They are very self-critical 

An over-thinkers mind is like a paper full of red marks. They will think of one thing from 100 different angles. They are their biggest critics.

9. They are too focused on making other people happy

Somehow they always make others their first priority. This is why people think its fine to place them second. Others’ happiness matters more to them. They just want to make sure everyone around them is happy.

10. Over-exaggeration at its best

No matter how minor a thing is, an over thinker will make sure it looks like World War 3. This happens of course because they think a lot of everything. They are the ones that when they are suffering from a headache, they think it is brain tumor. They always think so dramatically and think that their issues are way bigger than they actually are.

11. They are perfectionists

They make sure everything is at its best and they spend more than just a lot of time making sure everything is perfect. It does get annoying at times but it’s not something that’s in their control.

12. They have trust issues

An over-thinker has major trust issues. They do not believe anything until they’ve cross checked it multiple times. It often has a negative impact on their relationships.

13. The over-thinking never stops

Overthinking doesn’t come with a limited time span. It’s not in their control.

We hope these points helped and we also hope that you’re a little more considerate with an over-thinker when you meet them next time.

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