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8 Signs Your Spirit Guides Watch You And Help You To Stay On The Right Path


8 Signs Your Spirit Guides Watch You And Help You To Stay On The Right Path

Life is infinitely chaotic and it is easy to lose your way. In such moments of darkness, the only ray of hope is your spirit guide. Yes you read that right, now who is a spirit guide? How does the guide communicate?

While some guides will stay by you forever, others will be there until you learn your lesson. The key to communicate with your spirit guide is to be more attentive, notice things that stir your heart and be open about your experiences.

Here are some signals that you can focus on:

1. Words

Have you felt a certain passage in a book speak your mind? Have certain words repeatedly struck you everywhere you went, on the billboard or the supermarket? Have you felt connected with a random poem on Instagram? None of this is arbitrary. It is a message in disguise from your guide, so pay attention. It may deal with what you are struggling with at the moment or it may draw attention to some unfinished task of the past. Either way, you have to take note and act upon it.

2. White Feathers

White feathers are associated with passed loved ones. It is a sign that they are with you every step of the way and that they want you to listen to what they have to say. It is their way to say “hi!”

3. Your Dreams

Are you someone who literally forgets every dream in the morning? You might be missing on important messages that the universe tried to send. If there is one dream or nightmare that you particularly remember or repeatedly see, it is about time you decipher it. The dream dictionaries may not work for everyone, so don’t overthink. For example, dreaming about dead people does not mean you’re going to die, it indicates a period of great change in your life. Dreams are your spirit guide’s way of preparing you for what is about to happen and trying to show you the right way.

4. Visions in Meditation

It is extremely difficult to gather your thoughts while you meditate. Sometimes your guide speaks to you through visions of the Third Eye or a voice in your head. Do not neglect it.

5. Writing

Don’t underestimate the power of a journal. Yes, it is important to jot down what you feel each day, going with the flow without waiting to choose the right set of words. It is even more beneficial if you practice it at the same time. You will notice that you have written things that will help you out, words of wisdom that feel foreign – this is your spirit guide’s advice. If you are consumed by a need to scribble, go ahead and do it.

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6. Numbers

Do you feel like a number is following you everywhere you go? Be it the time, or the menu or even an address? This indicates that you are on the right path and the spirits are with you. Pay attention to the emotional response when you see the numbers.

7. Touch

We often don’t acknowledge the presence of our spirit guides. The biggest example being the sensation of a sudden touch. If you feel a soft touch of say, a feather or hair, brushing against your skin while you are having a pathetic day or are in a crappy mood, it is most likely your guide. It is the touch of reassurance. If you ever feel a tug or push, it is not a good sign. It shows that you are not on the right track and will probably face a dangerous situation. Please don’t think it is the wind or your imagination playing games– it is spiritual intervention.

8. Orbs in Pictures

Orbs in a picture or in a video can be your spirit guide’s way of letting you know of its presence. If you find yourself thinking of a passed loved person or feel their vibes, it could mean they too miss you and visit you. Orbs can be a product of lens flare too and vary in shape and size. Whatever it is, your feelings will unravel the mystery for sure.

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