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7 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Show You Something Through Synchronicity


7 Signs The Universe Is Trying To Show You Something Through Synchronicity

Everything in our life is linked. From the past, to the present and future — every single coincidence or accident we stumble upon is connected. No matter how big or small of a movement is, it is all about synchronicity and interconnectedness.

Every action you make creates a ripple in the universe. You unconsciously telegraph your thoughts to others. Synchronicity is the law of unity. We are all linked. There is no separation between you and anyone or anything. We are all connected.

There are no coincidences, no accidents. Every coincidence has a message for you.

Whether you feel like you are having a perfect day and everything goes smoothly, or experience a bad period in which ‘a lot of coincidences happen,’ the universe is sending you a message. People and things happening in an exact moment is nothing but synchronicity and, fortunately, there is a way to accept it.

Do you know the saying “When the student is ready, the master appears”?

That is exactly how synchronicity is explained. Whenever you are synchronized with something you truly want, you are more likely to meet that thing, which is why similar people meet ‘accidentally’. The thing is, they are tuned in to the exact same frequency, and synchronicity does its best to match them.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung actually made a theory about this (after his fallout with Freud).

He coined the term ‘synchronicity’ to explain what he called were ‘meaningful coincidences’. That old friend you suddenly ran into after several years? Yeah, that could actually mean something deeper for your life. It’s a ‘wink’ from the universe; the stuff that happens to you might not be meaningless. It’s an oddly comforting feeling, knowing that of all the possibilities you just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

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If you’re wondering if you’ve ever experienced something like this, here are 7 common signs of this phenomenon:

1. You get a call, e-mail, or ran into a person you were just thinking about. You may not have seen them in years, but in that moment here they are!

2. When you find the exact product that could help you tide over a problem, quite by chance. No, we’re not talking about what salesmen and brokers say is the ‘right product for you’ but something that suddenly jumps out at you. It could be something very small and ordinary, but suddenly something clearly screams out, “Here! This is exactly what you need!”

3. When you catch a new movie or TV series and it feels like you’re literally watching your own life unfold on screen. You really connect with it because you’ve been through it.

4. Strangers in the subway suddenly talk and discuss a problem that you’ve been dealing with in your own life. Without warning, they talk about something you’ve been thinking about in your own life.

5. Sometimes the universe seems to deliver the exact handyman in the perfect time. You meet a person who has the exact sort of expertise to help you out with something you’re struggling with. I remember when I had severe coding problem with my website, and all of a sudden a guy just appeared on the social media, out of nowhere!

6. Getting a reassuring message out of the blue, but at the right time. Feeling low? What if quite unexpectedly a relative or a friend sends you a message to lift your spirits, without knowing that you need it most in that moment?

7. When you see the numbers 11:11, it means your cellular memory store is getting activated! It stimulates your memory in order to remind you of something you have forgotten. Seeing the powerful masters number 11:11 is a message that you are on the right path and aligned with the Greater Reality. Read more…

These are just a few instances. What if the universe is trying to tell you something? Have you experienced anything like this?

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