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Carl Jung Says These 5 Factors Are Most Important To Living A Happy Life


Carl Jung Says These 5 Factors Are Most Important To Living A Happy Life

Carl Jung was a psychiatrist and founder of the school of analytical psychology. He developed the concepts of the extroverted and introverted personality, archetypes, and the collective unconscious.

Today, his work is studied over all areas, spanning several disciplines. What he has contributed to understanding mankind can never be paralleled, let alone forgotten.

The greatest dilemma that plagues this world today is the incessant pursuit of happiness, and the futility of our endeavor. Jung, however, does not categorize it as unattainable. He merely says that there are a few rules to be followed if one expects to achieve true bliss.

1. Take Care Of Your Physical And Mental Health

Health is wealth. This proverb never goes out of fashion because it’s a universal truth that will never lose foundation. If something you’re doing is not good for your health and is damaging your body, it will never lead you to happiness. Alcoholism may seem like a great idea, initially, but it will lead to long term irreparable damage that will be highly detrimental to your well being.

Similarly, if you are going to surround yourself with anything less than a bunch of really positive people, then their energy will begin to show on you. You’ll start feeling annoyed, cranky, and your Well-Being-Meter will crash and burn.

Consciously avoid avenues that will bring you grief or cause your body long term damage.

2. Working To Improve Your Relationships

No bond is perfect in itself. You have to constantly labor, and persevere to make something work. Just like any other office assignment, every friendship needs your active commitment. You cannot ignore the tears in the garment, and expect it to fix itself. As time passes, the shine wears out. You have to learn how to continue valuing them, and dedicating time and energy in fixing the shortcomings.

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3. See All The Beauty Around

The first step to leading a fulfilling life is accepting and noticing the good around you. If you constantly criticize and if you develop an eye for the disgusting and the bad, then you’re no longer going to be content in your own life. Learn to see the good in people and things around you. Learn to appreciate whatever little comes your way. Practicing kindness and gratitude will take you a very, very long way! Remember: niceness never goes out of style.

4. Enjoy Your Work And Life

Choose a career field that you feel passionate about. If you love art, don’t end up in a field of mathematics. If you want to build houses, don’t settle for a major in Sociology. Pick what you want to do, and do that! It might earn you less money than the “ideal” profession, but it’ll earn you much more happiness. Every morning, scores of employees wake up and complain about having to sit at a desk they do not like, doing a job that they would much rather do anything but that. Don’t make your life that dull and hard.

5. Something To Believe

You don’t necessarily have to believe in an Almighty God. But you need to trust in something larger than your own self. It will give you courage and perseverance that is required to see you and guide you through life. We as humans often tend to get disillusioned in the face of misery. Our shoulders can only carry so much of the weight the world thrusts upon us. Unless you have something to look up to, it will be difficult for you to find inspiration on tough days. It need not to be a concrete religion, but it has to be something you can depend on in dark times.

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