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8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You, According To Women


8 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You, According To Women

Nobody likes to be cheated on. Even the thought of being cheated by the person that you love is a terrible nightmare. We’d rather ignore that truth than face it. But how long is that possible? We have to acknowledge it one day or another.

The thing is, girls spending time with other men or arriving late doesn’t imply that she is cheating on you. A proper background check is a must if you’re thinking of accusing your girlfriend of being a cheater. But then, is there any way to get a hint whether your lady really is cheating on you or not?

We spoke to some women and they were kind enough to tell us a few recognized signs that imply if a woman is cheating on her partner.

Hey, these aren’t concrete facts so don’t get intimidated. If you see some of these signs in your girlfriend, there might be some justifiable reasons behind them. But, if most of these sound familiar, you might have to buckle up for the drama.

Here are 8 signs that imply your girlfriend is unfaithful to you and that maybe it’s time for some serious talking:

1. Making new friends is always cool. But there’s this new friend in your girlfriend’s life who has suddenly become all she talks about. Everything seems to revolve around things that he does. He spends more time talking to her through the day than you do. Is it really just friendship or there might be more to it?

2. Lately, she has started needing more private space. Of course, everyone has a personal life, but she barely shows the wish to share anything with you anymore. She seems to have a relationship with her phone instead of you. Do you see her smiling at her phone too often? Start noticing.

3. She seems to be too busy to take out time for you. But she wants you to be available all the time. Almost everyday she’s just too tired to speak to you or meet you, but you’re never told what she’s been up to all day. If you’ve had several canceled weekend plans piled up, maybe you need to ask some questions.

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4. She starts assessing whether the two of you are actually compatible with one another. Is it some kind of ground plan for a possible “The love is there, but maybe we’re not made to be with each other” in the future?

5. She has become distant all of a sudden. She barely shows interest in the relationship. Any amount of physical intimacy seems to bother her in some way. When asked if everything is alright, her answers don’t make any sense.

6. She throws sudden accusations at you of being unfaithful. You are very sure that there isn’t any possible reason she could even misunderstand that. It might be a sign that her own guilt feeling about cheating is projecting outwards to blame it on you.

7. Her phone has started to hold much more secrets now. The password has changed. She skillfully shields all her notifications from you even when you’re sitting right beside her.

8. Everything was going fine until your girlfriend started forcefully taking out problems in the relationship or you. If she’s trying to escape, she’ll venture into every possibility that will help her justify the need to break up.

These signs don’t necessarily mean you start being a spy. Try understanding the situation and think before you ask too many questions. Trust, in a relationship, is one of the most important aspects. Trust your partner enough to look before you leap. Just be aware that these signs don’t become too familiar.

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