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Here are 7 Signs that Indicate you are an Authentic Urban Shaman & don’t know it

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Here are 7 Signs that Indicate you are an Authentic Urban Shaman & don’t know it

Every person is descended from a tribal, be they the Easterners or the Westerners. We all have a tribal background and a shaman.

The path of a shaman forms the cultural heritage or background of every individual; every person traces its roots back to being a shaman. However, shamanism isn’t any piously followed religion. It is a method which is practiced with humility, veneration and discipline, so that it becomes an integral way of life.

There is a fine line difference between a tribal and an urban shaman. Tribal shamans work in a tribal setting and urban shamans work in an urbanized, industrial surrounding. Tribal shamans follow a strict methodology, with codes and guidelines, while urban shamans borrow these procedures from their historical past, expand and explore them and put them to better use. However, the differences between them still exist.

The aspect of shamanism is multifarious, its spirituality is manifold. Since the beginning of mankind, its pervasiveness was marked with diversity and heterogeneity.

A shaman wears a mask to preserve their identity, to uphold their consciousness and reach a highest point of assertiveness. They can be from the past or present, are tribal or urban, a warrior or a bard.

They try to distance themselves from a culture limited by boundaries because shamanism isn’t a vague concept. It’s expansive, consequential, with a mysteriously authentic concept. The energy bridges the gap between opposites, between the real and unreal worlds and thoughts.

Here are 7 signs that indicate you are an authentic urban shaman:

1. Everything is a new beginning

The spiritual sense of the Earth indicates the death of an old past and the adventure of the birth of something new. Every beginning is an experience. It can be profoundly traumatic like a near death encounter or losing someone close. The key is to transform and mold the suffering to wisdom and spirituality, fear to courage, mistakes to a lesson and desire to action.

2. You link easily between a human soul and the divine nature

You are an extraordinary juxtaposition of two extreme aspects, one the physical, solidified form and the other the expanding horizon of nature. You, as an urban shaman, find solitude and peace within the greenery, which consists of stillness. However, you always return to your dwelling place in the city, with the undertakings from nature to reunite the energy from Mother Earth to human heart.

3. You are the central in this consistently globally shifting basis

You are the ubiconsistam, the stable point in the largely moving canvas of consciousness. You are true to your heart and render a greater positivity which awakens the unaware. You learn from examples and inspire by your actions. You know your capabilities, your fear, wishes, love and hate. You battle your limitations.

4. You love to be your own self

You mark your own periphery; your novelty unfolds your character. You are a silent beast; you carry your wildness, your commotion and merge into the noiseless. As an urban shaman, you manage and navigate your way through civilization using your wisdom and cross hurdles using technology. You know the balance between the wild and tame, the rowdy and the orderly, the turbulent and the calm.

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5. You use the old to better the new

You are experimental. You do not discard the essence of the past, but rather you carry them forward to your present to discover pathways to reach higher visionary levels. You re-imagine imagination through singing, dancing, conversing. You live for both yourself and others. You blur lines by updating the outdated, and catching/absorbing the contemporary. You reconstruct the ancient patterns to connect them to the present scared souls and encourage human engagement.

6. You show no gap between the eco and ego

A person in an urban existence, which is an entirely man-made environment, is feared to be losing his instinct. Thus the ego has seized the eco. Due to the existence of natural things, the human animal has become dissociative with the natural part, having become perhaps blind to its interdependence on Mother Earth. The spirit has disassociated from the flesh. As an urban shaman, you teach how to take the ego away from co-dependency into independence, and then how to take the ego from independence into interdependence.

7. You are a powerful connection to the holy

You freely explore and let your inner crisis and cataclysmic self subsume the world. Your true will is assisted by the momentum of this universe. You provide a platform for a healing medicine that your entangled city cannot offer. Your urban shamanism follows love, honesty, purity and the power to adapt. The energy of the shaman gives you the energy to liberate your inner and outer self, your wild and domestic self. You create valuable meaning, you make the religious a bit secular and the secular a bit more blessed. This is your gift.

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Image was originally taken from: The Shaman

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