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7 reasons why we start Hating People as we get older


7 reasons why we start Hating People as we get older

When we are children, everything is fascinating to us. The world is new and everyone is happy and sweet. A child never finds any faults; they are awestruck by the colorful world around them. But as that child starts growing and has to step out of the protective bubble of the family, they meet new people. The same child that loved people starts to experience various interactions that slowly make them exhausted and they lose the interest to interact.

We stop caring about what other people think as we grow older because the patience that we had in our childhood slowly fades away. We want to keep our own company and only interact with those who we have known for a long time. We don’t want unnecessary people to bother us.

We don’t want to socialize with new people because it is too much of a work after the stress that already lingers in our lives. Everyone want’s peace. We love to mind our own business and want others to do the same. What is the reason for this change in attitude?

1. We don’t have the energy to stand irrelevant conversations anymore

When we are young, our minds are clouded with stress. We have time to listen to the irrelevant things that people say. We tolerate their nonsense. But as we grow older, we don’t put up with anyone’s illogical nonsense anymore. Our lives are quite problematic, and we already have a lot on our plate, so extra problems are not welcome.

2. New relationships are not required

Our young selves have a clean slate and want to make friends because we all are social animals. We make extra effort to please people and expect to find new possibilities to make new experiences. We want adventure in life. By the time we are adults, interest slowly fades away. We already have so many friends and acquaintances that new people are not needed anymore. Other people’s opinion doesn’t bother us anymore.

3. We have a concrete idea about life

Children are new to this world so they tend to explore different things to find their dreams and ambitions. They undergo trial and error to find new opportunities that can add to their life. The older we grow, this requirement to gain possibilities diminishes as we have a concrete and transparent set of ideas. Our values are more or less set and we are comfortable with them. We don’t want to change our lifestyle.

4. We stop trusting

Children are pure hearted and trust easily. They are open to the incoming experiences and are not easily hurt. We tend to believe people more when we are young. We never find anything wrong with them. Our need to belong in the society makes us trust people whom we might not have trusted when we were adults. As we grow older, we start knowing more about ourselves, as well as others, and that makes us cautious against other people because we know they might not deserve our trust. Bitter experience leads us to stop trusting people.

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5. We don’t care about trivial things

Young people are affected by trivial things in life. We are more concerned with the superficial things in our lives. Idle gossip is interesting to us. Life seems easy for our younger selves. But as adults, we understand the deeper significance of life and ponder over them. We value important things and become conscious of our likes and dislikes.

6. We have priorities

Young people cannot be expected to have priorities, as they are still learning. We love various kinds of changes and experiences and prioritize trivial incidents. With our growing age, we get an understanding of our goals and what matters at the end. We become mature enough to solve the complexities in our life and give priority to important maters.

7. We want the freedom to choose

Our younger selves try to conform to the society as we want people to like us. We are afraid to be alone. Everyone influences us and we welcome it. The number of people in our lives matter to us. Adulthood hits us like a truck and makes us realize our own importance, thus we avoid people who disagree with our way of life. We are exhausted of the drama and the fakeness and now we want to love ourselves and say farewell to pleasing other people. Finally we get time to please ourselves rather than others.

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