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7 Powerful Gifts That Are Possessed By Every Empath


7 Powerful Gifts That Are Possessed By Every Empath

The world is completely in different blocs when it comes to the topic of empaths. Some believe that it is just a concoction of the fanciful mind, while others believe that anyone can be an empath if they give into their conscience, and truly start feeling. Feeling, observing and letting everything seep in through every pore in their body. But, that is wrong too.

An empath is either born, or not an empath. This is one of those equations where either you are, or you are not. You can’t learn how to be an empath, simply like how you can’t learn to be a telepathic expert. You are either born with or you are not.

But then the question comes: how to recognize a true empath? And how to know if they are strong enough? This might cause several complications, which can be easily avoided if someone knows the hallmarks of a true, and powerful empath. They aren’t really hard to find, so let’s look at them.

1. Deep Compassion

An empath is all about feeling emotions, and empathizing with people around them, for they believe and feel it to the degree the other individual feels. And this makes them compassionate to someone else’s struggle, and discomfort and suffering, for they believe that no one should go through that at any cost, and they would be willing to go to any lengths to prevent them from being hurt. That level of compassion is highly rare, and only a true empath will have it. So, when you are incredibly hurt the next time, talk it over to your friends, and the person who is the most compassionate is an empath.

2. Sixth Sense

Owing to their highly receptive nature of their senses, empaths tend to have a sixth sense, with which they can actually understand someone’s trouble just by their gut feeling, be it an imminent earthquake feel, or anything that you might think might be potentially harmful, to anything that makes you go gaga. You always just seem to have an idea.

3. Senses are Sharpened

Along with your sixth sense, your senses are sharpened a great deal. You feel your skin tingling when someone is around you, or when someone wants to hurt you. That is an important ability to have, because it would make anyone be afraid of you and unable to catch you unaware; considering the fact that you would always be a target due to being an empath. Everyone wants to take advantage of you, and that would only be averted if you have an idea from where the predator will arrive.

4. Healing Abilities

You have increased healing abilities. Your cuts, bruises, abrasions never seemed to last any more than it should. In fact, it always got healed way faster. This happens because as an empath, you always have increased healing abilities, allowing you to be near perfect health all the time.

5. Creative

An empath is a person of nature. Anyone who is so associated with nature would always be creative. They would have lots and lots of ideas that would benefit everyone around them, and that is simply because your ideas are exactly that good. You are just a very good writer, painter, or singer as your emotions are always there, out for you.

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6. Deeper Connections

You are always deeply involved with anyone you are with. You don’t go for casual stuff. You look deeply into their souls, and that makes them closer to you. You know what they are, and then you let a part of you show. It is simply because you want to know who they truly are, not to hurt them, but to make them comfortable.

7. Lie Detector

You catch lies efficiently. All the tell-tale signs of people lying can be observed and understood by you. This makes lying to you nigh on impossible, as you are a better lie detector than the machine itself, for you go deeper than just a pulse rate, and look into their very soul.

The featured image was originally taken by an incredible photographer Sean Archer

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