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7 Natural Ways To Keep Mice From Getting Inside Your House

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7 Natural Ways To Keep Mice From Getting Inside Your House

Mice, during the winter, make many attempts to get inside your house because they need warmth to survive.

To keep this from happening, there are a number of things that you can do, without straightaway resorting to the old mouse trap or the very hassling exterminator.

Getting a cat would be a pretty good solution as well but a lot of us are not completely on board with the idea of a pet immediately.

Read on to find out the more simple ways to do the above!

1. Tabasco sauce

Sounds a little off the hook but works like a charm; just put some Tabasco sauce around your house and you will find it working. A level up would be mixing it with water and a couple teaspoons of dish detergent and spraying it around the house.

You can buy Tabasco Original Sauce HERE.

2. Cayenne pepper

This is almost funny to watch. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper in the areas you think that the mice might use to get in and you can actually watch them run far away when they come close to these cayenne pepper sprinkles areas.

You can buy Cayenne pepper HERE.

3. Garlic

Garlic water is extremely effective when it comes to keeping mice out. Chop some garlic up and spray it around. You could also have some cloves kept here and there to keep the menace away.

4. Dryer sheets

There is a part of the mice fighting population that does not believe that this tactic helps but the truth is that it definitely does. Just roll up some good old dryer sheet and close all the ways that the mice might use to get in from and you should be set. Find a pleasant smelling dryer sheet because the more pleasant the smell, the farther away the mice is likely to go from your house.

You can buy Dryer Sheets HERE.

5. Cloves

Mice hate the smell of cloves so to keep them away, just sprinkle around some all around the house. Not only does this keep the mice away, but it also makes your house smell better as it almost gives the effect of an essential oil. They open up and rejuvenate your senses and keep mice out. Talk about utility!

6. Peppermint

Get your hands on some 100% pure peppermint oil and put it up on swab of cotton and then place these swabs in places that the mice might use to get in. Replace these swabs every two to four weeks to make sure the smell remains strong. Other than that, making a spray isn’t a very bad idea either. Take a spraying bottle, mix the oil with some water and spray it around your house. Like cloves, it can be used for more. Inhaling peppermint oil can do wonders for your anxiety, blocked nose, sore throats and so on. They are also one of the essential oils so don’t limit yourself to spraying less or anything.

You can buy Pure Peppermint Oil HERE.

7. Ammonia

As you might have deduced by now, mice are not particularly fond of smells that are too strong and it is common knowledge that the smell of ammonia is pretty pungent. Pour some in a few bowls and place them all around your house to make sure mice don’t find their way in. There is a catch in this one, though. The smell of ammonia is not really healthy for humans or pets, so the suggestion here would be to not do this at first but try the options above. If none of those work, which is unlikely, you have to try the ultimate, which is ammonia.

Let us keep the mice out and the health and warmth in!

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