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6 Types Of Energy Vampires You Must Avoid At All Costs


6 Types Of Energy Vampires You Must Avoid At All Costs

Energy vampires are people who feed on your emotional energy. They constantly seek out people who will help reduce their inner suffering and insecurities. They prey on other’s vitality and see you as the solution to their  problems.

An energy vampire could be anyone, ranging from a friend to a family member.

It is important to distinguish between the different types of energy vampires that emotionally exhaust you in order to take the next step further. And please, don’t take my advice for granted.

1. The one who plays a Victim/Martyr

Victim or Martyr Vampire is someone who preys on your guilt to feed their insecurities. They constantly blame others for their misfortunes and try to emotionally blackmail you to sympathize with them. This is the result of low self-esteem. They constantly seek validation and tokens of love from others.

Advice: Limit contact with such people and be aware when their self-pity rants begin.

2. The one who is a Narcissist

This type of energy vampire thinks too highly of himself. They have no genuine interest in other people’s affairs or any desire to show empathy and love towards people. They only think about themselves and will make you think about them. They need someone to feed their egos and constantly make them feel powerful.

Advice: Try to avoid such people because they can emotionally crush you by making you feel less worthy.

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3. The one who Dominates

The dominant vampires are those who go around bossing people all the time by belittling them in front of others. They love to feel superior over others and would do anything to maintain the status quo. They do not wish to be perceived as “weak” or “wrong” which reflects on their inner insecurities. Such people often have rigid belief systems and could be racist, sexist or bigoted.

Advice: Try not to get intimidated by these vampires. Put your foot down and assert your opinions. Their need to gain an upper hand arises from their fear of being dominated.

4. The one who is a Drama Queen

The melodramatic vampire tries to be the center of attention all the time. They thrive by creating problems and constant drama that reveals how empty their lives really are. They like being seen as a victim so that they could get special attention and care from people around them.

Advice: Try not to take sides when they create some mischief or drama. Avoid getting involved so that you can save your emotional energy.

5. The one who Judges

The judgmental vampire picks on everything and everyone. He/she likes to prey on your insecurities. Their low self-worth is the reason why they pick on others. They make you feel ashamed and pathetic about your choices.

Advice: Do not take such people at face value. They will try to demean you… but always remember that true self-worth comes from within. Once you start being confident about your decisions they cannot affect you as much they would like to. If you get defensive, it’ll only feed their egos.

6. The one who is Innocent

Energy vampires can also be innocent like the ones who genuinely need help to survive. You can encourage them to be self-sufficient so they don’t rely too much on you, thereby depleting your emotional energy.

Advice: Take care of such people but also remember to maintain distance. You need to love yourself and cannot devote your energy to them all the time. Encourage them to develop strength so they can rely on themselves.

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Image source: Crycks/Flickr

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