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6 Channels Your Spirit Guides Use To Communicate With You


6 Channels Your Spirit Guides Use To Communicate With You

A spirit is an elemental part of the human body. When a person dies, his spirit is released from the body.

Did you know that a dead man does not necessarily leave this Earth? They can return back and dwell in the human surroundings but not in the physical form, rather in a spiritual disposition. You cannot see or touch them, but maybe feel them in some way or the other.

Now you may wonder why a dead person wants to return back to the Earth. It is most probably because they want to deliver some message to you. It should be important, that is why they are here. As they are unable to adopt any physical form, they cannot convey to you the message directly. This is when they take the help of their spiritual form.

Let me guide you through 6 different ways that spirits attempt to communicate to us at times:

1. Your dreams are regular and vigorous

You have been having dreams for almost everyday now. This is a sign that some close spirit is trying to talk to you. Dream or meditation is their best and favorite medium of conversation. Because this is the time when our mind is at peace and they find the suitable opportunity to convey to us their messages. They do this through dreams or visions, by constructing characters or portraying situations for us so that we can get distracted immediately and divert our attention to their signals. Dreaming takes you in a separate and different realm, in which spirits find it easier to communicate.

2. Your sense organs turn sharp and more accurate

Sense organs are a vital part of the physical human body. They act as our medium of contact with the outer environment. Spirits, in order to communicate indirectly with you, sharpen your senses to the point when you can actually get their signal and understand their message. These signs usually happen when you see something and it reminds you of a special person you have lost, like the smell of a particular flower that may remind you of your dead grandparent because they loved to grow roses in their garden. This experience opens your mind and heart to pre-eminent signals and you realize its purpose later.

3. Your calculator may automatically add up all the digits for you

This may seem like the plot of an unimaginable thriller or horror movie, but it doesn’t make this an untrue fact. Electronics can turn on or off on their own, cupboards may open or close by themselves, your bulb may surprisingly light up on its own – this means the spirit of a deceased one is trying to convey something important to you. It does not necessarily have to be anything harmful. These incidences continue happening on their own unless you address it some way or the other.

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4. Some things strike your consciousness without your knowledge

This is a very common phenomenon. Sometimes we end up thinking about things that may come to us for no reason at all. We may later realize the unconditional arrival of a particular vision or thought. Sometimes we recognize knowing something but actually we carry no memory of it. Oftentimes we call this telepathy. In the same way a spirit may telepathically try to talk to you about something unsaid previously. Don’t get scared if this happens. Open your windows for communication. Sometimes spirits guide or form our intuitions also.

5. Getting arbitrary goosebumps or random chills

Sometimes we get random chills, physically without any reason. This usually happens when we share one talk about something spooky or someone deceased. This is because the spirit at that time signals you that it is somewhere nearby and wishes to communicate with you.

6. You feel someone is guiding you at every step of your life

It so happens that every decision you take, turns up to be good and works for your betterment. It seems as if someone is controlling your intuitions and there’s a reason behind all of this. The Spirit, who badly wants to interact with you, admires you and wants good for you. Your gut too refuses to fight this special sensation of yours. Give it a thought. Maybe your spirits want you to reach other realms, walk on another path and convey a hidden message to you. Calm your anxious mind if this also happens to you and try and listen to them closely.

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