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5th Grader Realizes His Bus Driver Smells Strangely – Calls 911 Before It’s Too Late

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5th Grader Realizes His Bus Driver Smells Strangely – Calls 911 Before It’s Too Late

We teach our kids to protect themselves from outside danger. I think that’s the biggest challenge once our kids pass a certain age. We cannot be with them at all times, so we have to teach them to recognize and take certain steps to protect themselves.

A young boy, Troy Luna, who was in a situation of grave danger was taught good by his parents to take precaution to keep himself safe.

Troy knows that if something is fishy around he should alert the authorities or someone in charge. That’s exactly what he did when he got into the school bus.

He noticed a strange smell that caught his attention, something he never smelled before.

The bus driver, Caroline Denise Ray, drove the bus carelessly shifting from one line to the next. She even stopped the bus suddenly which sent the kids flying off their seats.

The other kids found it funny that she was driving carelessly, but Troy knew they were all in grave danger: “I was like ok, I’m just going to make that 911 call. Then I made the call,” he said speaking of the incident.

Calling the police, a very brave decision by Troy, potentially saved 30 kids that were in the bus.

When he told the cops that she was driving carelessly, they showed up almost immediately and pulled the bus over.

After they searched her they found that she possessed drugs and was under the influence.

Although the rest of the kids told Troy that calling the cops would stop all the fun, Troy didn’t see anything fun in the possibility that he could lose his life.

The bus driver was charged for child endangerment and driving under the influence of drugs and was fired from the job immediately.

Troy’s parents and his school were very proud that he made a courageous move that saved many innocent lives.

This kid is truly a hero! Let this story serve as an example that we should teach our kids to be able to sense dangerous situations and act accordingly to protect themselves.

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