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5 Things Subconsciously Block Your Superhuman Powers Every Day


5 Things Subconsciously Block Your Superhuman Powers Every Day

All of us are born with a certain level of spirituality within us. Somehow, over the course of our life, we lose touch with the self we were born into initially.

We let life play with us. We get around toxic company, tag along with them, no matter if we  and we spend a lot of time in Urban (air polluted) Areas. Every part of these things causes enormous stress… not to mention what it does to your overall health.

We do possess superpowers, whether we are too blind to see that or not. Have you ever heard of Wim Hof? You can see what he’s capable of in the video bellow:

We are really powerful human beings. We must decide that we are the influencers. We are not being influenced. Nobody can tell you whether you can or can’t do something. You are unique superhuman.

Don’t let these 5 things take that away from you:

1. Being Around Toxic Company

Bad people have a bad influence on you. Most of us choose not to believe that since that means we’re losing out on friends. But you have to learn how to prioritize your mental health before seeming polite. I mean, what are you going to do with all the ‘goody’ vibes, if you cannot even learn how to be good to yourself. Honestly, it’s no use being kind to other people if you don’t treat yourself right and if you are not kind to your own self.

Consciously weed out the negative people from your life. It will be easy to recognize them. These are the ones that take a massive toll on your energy, and make you sad instead of ecstatic when you are hanging out with them. If they constantly criticize you and have nothing good to say, then stay away from them. You do not want such horrid negativity in your sphere.

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2. Not Spending Time In Nature

With your head buried deep into your phone, it is extremely easy to lose track of the real world, and the beauty of it. We see Nature through a screen, even when we are a part of it. Being close to Nature is very beneficial for one’s mental health. It should never be avoided or not put as a priority in ones life. Take some time off of your busy schedule and spend it doing nothing in the lap of Nature. Sit in a garden, read under a tree, watch the clouds pass over you. It establishes a closer connection between you and the natural forces. Be friends with the Earth, and it will open up gates within you.

3. Letting Stress Become A Part Of Our Lives

It is a natural occurrence in the 21st century, but that does not mean that it is healthy or in any way normal. We have assumed that stress is invincible, so we welcome it into our lives. Irrespective of the source of it, putting your body through inhuman pressure is never necessary. Love yourself and free up some of your burdens.

Find a flexible work schedule, don’t have unrealistic expectations from your own self, give yourself ample cheat days and breaks, understand that your job is not all there is to your life. Please don’t let unnecessary pressure, most of it self-imposed, ruin your connection with your inner voice.

4. Maintain Your Health And Take Care Of Yourself

I mean both physically and mentally. The two departments complement each other. If you’re a sick person in general, then you will also turn out to be quite unhappy. If you’re deliberately entertaining sad thoughts or emotional abuse, then it will reflect on your body. Whether or not you constantly and consciously witness the changes, they are happening.

Neither of the two works in isolation. If you’re in good spirits, you will heal faster. If you’re in constant muck, then it will ruin certain good cells in your body. Also, if you are ill, your depression finds it easier to attack.

5. Stay Grounded

Feel the pull of the gravity. Be rooted and at one with this Earth. Walk barefoot on the bed of Nature. Touch and feel the green grow around you. Sensory perceptions and their agility are very important for the realization of spirituality. If you’re constantly making do with artificial substitutes of Nature, then you are cutting yourself off the primal energy. Don’t do that. Combine all the above points to stay in touch with the miracle of Nature. It never disappoints.

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