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5 Superhuman Senses We All Possess That Can Only Be Mastered With Practice


5 Superhuman Senses We All Possess That Can Only Be Mastered With Practice

We all have spiritual senses. We are born with them but very few can master all the spiritual senses that they have. The only way a person can master the spiritual senses is by practice and devotion.

There are more than five senses but given below are discussed only those five senses which need a lot of practice in order to master:

1. Aura Readings

According to New Age beliefs, aura, or human energy field, is a colored emanation said to surround a human body, animal or any object. It is the light around the body and everybody has an aura. Aura reading is more common than you think it is. If a person can do aura readings then he would be able to see the force field surrounding every human being. They will start to see and perceive things very differently and will have a hard time in making people understand the spiritual realm of it.

2. Clairaudience

Clairaudience comes from the French word Clair which means clear and Audience which means the action of hearing. In simple English terms, it means ‘clear hearing’. You are starting to hear things which other people cannot hear and understand things faster than other people. If you possess this gift then it might be said that you are communicating with the outside or the spiritual world. It is a psychic ability that helps you to perceive and understand intuitive information from your Higher Self. If you stop listening, then the distance will grow and it will have an impact on your communication, or it might even stop the communication for good. Sometimes, while practicing clairaudience, a person might hear his own voice in his head over and over again.

3. Clairsentience

The word ‘clairsentience’ basically means ‘clear feeling’. It is quite possibly the most underestimated physic gift that a human being can possess. It helps you to sense the different feelings and emotions of human beings, animals, and spirits that revolve around you. It makes your inner self very strong. There are emotions piled up, both in your heart, as well as your body. It helps you feel those emotions. People who have this gift are very empathic. They can easily read and feel the emotions that are showered by other people. Sudden insights or instincts which occur out of nowhere are clairsentience in action. They are one of the most important factors which help the clairsentience to grow and nurture it.

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4. Clairvoyance

The word ‘clairvoyance’ basically means ‘clear seeing’. It comes from the French word Clair which means clear and Voyance which means vision. A person who has Clairvoyance is considered to be one of the most gifted persons. You cannot lie to this person. He is very good at reading faces and figures it very easy when he is being lied to. In times of need, he can also see through other people. Normal things can be easily perceived by them and they can also perceive things which require extrasensory perception. They have the ability to perceive things, or even events, in the future and even beyond normal sensory contact.

5. Claircognizance

The word Claircognizance simply means ‘clear knowing’. The people who possess this kind of gifts can, in a way, predict the future. They foresee events long before the events even occur. The only problem is that they don’t have evidence to back up their predictions. In other words, this is also known as Déjà vu. It is the intuitive ability of clear knowing. People who have this gift are very logical, they plan out things very carefully, they enjoy thinking things out and they frequently get good ideas that suddenly pop into their head. However, the ideas and thoughts that pop up are very nagging and persistent in nature. They have no proof that they physically exist. Mainly it occurs in a sudden stroke of insight.

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