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5 Signs You Have An Incredibly Strong Personality


5 Signs You Have An Incredibly Strong Personality

Life’s biggest mystery is knowing who you are and what you want. Once you get to the depth of your being and figure these things out, you’ll be absolutely content. When you are comfortable in your own skin, you’ll learn to love yourself. On this journey of personal development, you won’t let others bring you down.

Here are five signs to prove that you are your own person:

1. You Always Want Insightful Conversations

Do you feel gossips are extremely lame and a total waste of time? Does talking behind someone’s back make you feel disgusted? Then you are definitely an intelligent person who does not engage in base acts. You would rather have a deep and meaningful conversation than just waste your precious time. You would utilize that time to learn something new and enriching.

2. You Despise Ignorant People

In the modern age of technology, it is a crime to not be well informed. The vast world of knowledge is just a click away and you can literally read up or watch a video about everything under the sun (or above it, to be honest). The people who are dumb just because they are ignorant and will still make random sweeping comments will always get on your nerves. You will want to shout but will have to gulp down that urge. Sometimes, you might actually go about enlightening people about their vague concepts, but it will become too tiring eventually. However, if someone argues illogically, you won’t tolerate that either.

3. No Lame Excuses

We all are extremely busy and have a tough time managing our personal and professional life. Time is the most precious thing in the world as it cannot be returned. You hate people who are not punctual, be it a friend or a business associate – you expect them to be on time. You do have high expectations from people and that is because you’ll do the same for them. You will value their time and company. If these people can’t meet your standards, you will distance yourself from them and find more understanding people. Maturity matters.

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4. You Are Not An Attention Seeker

Seeking validation is almost equivalent to breathing in the age of social media, where a person’s likability depends on the number of “likes” he or she gets. Instant gratification is something you cannot make sense of because it is much more important to you to actually delve deep into the happenings instead of following blind trends. You do not care about other people’s opinions and you are definitely not a people pleaser. You only care about a handful of genuine people whose opinion adds value to your life. You don’t engage in petty acts of attracting attention.

5. You Create Opportunities

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Francis Bacon

There are more opportunities than people on this planet. The more you look, the more you find and the better you learn. Some people will do nothing except criticizing others and hoping someone will just offer them their dream job or one fine day they’ll win the lottery. These people are so dependent on others that they forget that opportunities can be created. Intelligent people are like huge banyan trees, they spread their branches and other people take shelter in their shade. They are always working for new ideas and possibilities instead of lamenting their loss. They know life goes on and change is the only constant. They know precisely what they want and work hard to achieve it.

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