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4 Crystals Every Empath Need To Have In His Collection


4 Crystals Every Empath Need To Have In His Collection

Empaths are highly intuitive people who can feel the emotions and energy of others.

Being an empath can be really tough; they feel others’ pains on a deeper level. As a result, they can do a lot of good to the people around them and to the world in general. Because of their special ability, they can physically relate to a person’s pain; and this does not mean they cringe every time they hear someone is hurt.

Consequently it drains a large part of their energy. As a result an Empath can often be overwhelmed and can often suffer from chronic fatigue and tiredness. Though they might seem like complicated individuals, once you come to know them, everything becomes clear. And if you know one of them, consider yourself fortunate and blessed.

Empaths need to protect themselves from getting overwhelmed and drained. They should also be aware of the negative energies existing around them.

This can be done by using the following powerful crystals that are helpful for empaths and sensitive souls, and believe me, they will change your life:

1. Sugilite

Sugilite has the ability to protect, purify, awaken, and ground people. it is really good for sensitive people as they need to safeguard their positive and healing spirit. Sugilite can be found in various shades of purple with some black and white spots. This stone forms a protective shield around you, guarding you from negative energy and lower thought forms.

It is good for the chakras as it awakens the spiritual energy in us. It keeps our intuition sharp and in focus. It is beneficial for calming people who are overwhelmed with life. it also enhances the metaphysical and psychic gifts of people.

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2. Lapis Lazuli

This stone is good for spiritual development, higher dimensional attunement, and for the maintenance of aura. It is a beautiful blue colored stone with inclusions of Pyrite and Calcite. Lapis Lazuli protects and repairs our auric field. It also cleanses our aura of any negativity that we might have picked up from others.

Pyrite can help in replenishing the depleted energy of empaths while Calcite helps in clearing the environment around you. So Lapis Lazuli protects as well as maintains the level of your spirits.

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3. Lepidolite

Lepidolite stone handles stress, anxiety, fear, and lower emotions from others that mostly overwhelm empaths. Lepidolite is pink, lavender, or purple in color and has high lithium content. Crystals or stones that have high lithium content emit calming energy which helps in reducing the stress levels.

It also clears the major and minor chakras, blocked energy points or any other form of blockage that leads to building up of negative energy. It also acts as a filter as it helps in filtering the energies, feelings, and impressions that you don’t need to absorb. It is good for those who are easily affected by other’s emotional dramas. It gives you your space and helps keeping unnecessary elements out of your life.

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4. Rainbow Fluorite

It truly represents its name! Rainbow Fluorite has multiple colors. Fluorite is available in a wide range of colors – pink, magenta, white, purple, blue, green, yellow, red, and black. This quality makes it a great multitasker in the world of stones and crystals.

Rainbow Fluorite can clear as well balance multiple chakras simultaneously.  It keeps you grounded and clear headed. It also keeps your conscience clean and pure. It makes empaths stay grounded and well balanced in life. This stone also heightens our psychic and intuitive abilities. It is also known as the IQ stone as it brings order and clarity to our thoughts and senses.

It also has a physical healing capacity as Fluorite cleanses and eliminates all that can make us sick. So it is beneficial against many diseases, such as colds, flu, infections, and even cancer. Clearing blockages on a physical as well as spiritual level is the job of Rainbow Fluorite.

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You can try these four crystals and share your opinions with others!

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