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10 Timeless Truths About Life We Were Never Taught In School


10 Timeless Truths About Life We Were Never Taught In School

Our schooling system has more than often ignored the intuitive and spiritual sides of our educations, focussing on the executive and the rational sides. But it that all that matters in a human being?

The answer of course is a resounding no.

Our childhoods, adolescences and in extensions our lives would have been completely different if these truths were taught as part of the school curricula.

1. Our Souls Are Immortal. There is Transmigration, Not Death

When it has outgrown its home, a hermit crab abandons it and shifts to another, better dwelling. Our soul is similar.

When the time comes to leave this plane of existence, it leaves this body which is subject to decay and death, and shifts to a different level of vibration.

It takes its share of experiences with it, but it doesn’t die.

It is indestructible.

2. We Are Spiritual Beings On A Human Journey

All our indestructible souls are from the same source, a pillar of hope, light and pure energy; call it God, Allah, Vishnu or whatever you want.

We are all of the same brotherhood sharing a journey, towards a same goal too, that is reunification with our maker.

The challenge in life is to see this connection: to see that we are indeed reflections of the same; the proof, our shared humanity.

3. Our Thoughts Create Our Reality

Our thoughts are what separate us from the rest of creation. They are proof of the fact that we are endowed with a certain quality that makes us capable of humanity.

If every individual changes their thoughts in the favour of peace and harmony, it would do the world a lot of good; drops making the ocean whole, as they quote.

Our reality is the physical manifestation of what we want to create; what our vibrations seek to endow the space around us with.

Focus on the brighter things, and life will be sweeter, focus on the darker edges and life will too take twisted turns. As simple as that.

4. All We See Around Us Is Energy Vibrating At A Particular Frequency

Like we said earlier, everything is part of the vast network of life, a tree of life if you have a metaphysical flair. Remember the film Avatar and the Na’avi mother goddess Eywa who pervades every form of life? Much like that.

The difference is in the vibrational frequencies of matter; we humans vibrate in one, a tree might in another.

Everything that comes from one, is one after all. Just different forms of frequencies. Read more on this topic HERE.

5. We Are The Ones We Were Awaiting

Of all the beings that could exist at this given time and space, we do.

There must be a demand for a supply as a beloved left-leaning professor used to tell us in class.

Extrapolate this. There must be something we are meant to do, to create and celebrate right here and now.

Doesn’t that make us our own saviours?

Our very own Supermen and Robin Hoods?

6. This Is Not Our First Life: All The Previous Ones Were But Trials To Prepare Us For This One

Karma makes sure of that.

Leaders like the Buddha whom the entire world venerates, said the same thing. Read the Jataka Tales for example; they are tales about how the Bodhi essence or Bodhisattwa, took multiple births and rebirths as animals, lowly men and women, merchants etc to reach Buddhahood.

If we are all one, how come this doesn’t apply for us?

The answer is that it does. We have been preparing for this for a long time now and all we need to do is focus to tap into that library of knowledge gathered over multiple lifetimes.

7. We Were/Are Never Alone

We always have help. Call it your chi/daemon/guardian angel but it doesn’t change anything.

We are fragile pieces of the universe and could have never made it without otherworldly help, ever.

You can choose not to believe this. But you know what my mother used to tell me?

“The voice you hear in your heart when you’re in a tight spot, is the God you are looking for. Listen to it, respect it, and venerate it.”

Don’t you think it is a bit odd for ONLY ONE race of beings to have a conscience and not others?

Think about it.

8. Time Is Part Of The Magic Show

Indian yogis have for centuries claimed that they possess a third eye that pervades time. In fact the most famous of the yogis, the god Shiva (Even Hermann Melville knew about him. Read Moby Dick to know more) is depicted with his iconic ‘trinetra’ or third eye that transcends time, space, matter, spirit, destruction and creation.

Think of time as a part of the control of a larger spiritual experience.

You only need to try and reach within the god in you to overstep it and its effects.

It is part of the entire show or test if you will, for us: ‘Maya’, the divine illusion.

9. Ascent Does Not Necessarily Require Or Mean Movement

When I say reaching a higher state of being, I do not mean going anywhere. The journey is as much inwards as it is outwards.

It is a state of being in itself and can be achieved if you believe in Christ or even Krishna for that matter, by love and love alone.

Compassion and love are all that make us human and it is of the essence to not lose that side of the coin. In the end that is what makes you more human, extraordinarily human; a state that is closer to godliness than your current state.

10. “It Was Love, Love, Love Alone.”

That’s the heart of the matter. Love is what heals, cures, repairs and creates; it is from God and it is God.

Love yourself, love your neighbour and love the energy that created this universe, or what some people call God/Allah; an old man with a beard. Believe that there is something looking after you, looking out for you.

That’s when you recognise the gods you meet every day: your parents, your teachers, your beloved, your pet, your friends and recognise the positive, uplifting effect they have on your existence.

Thinking along these lines, not only creates a sweeter aura about you and smoothens the rough edges of mundane day-to-day experience, but it also makes the world better, because goodness and love is contagious.

Be nice to someone and they will reflect your actions; sooner or later.

Count on the smallest blessings and learn to laugh and smile with the world, not at it.

The world won’t appear that bad after a while.

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