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4 Bizarre Stories Of Couples Who Had Jaw-Dropping Twists That Nobody Predicted

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4 Bizarre Stories Of Couples Who Had Jaw-Dropping Twists That Nobody Predicted

The following couples eventually learned of bizarre turns that had tested their love.

Some partners learned that their spouses were having extramarital affairs; others learned the truth about the presents their mothers-in-law continued to give them.

The following four anecdotes demonstrate the difficulties that all couples face. One couple found out their husband had a whole other family; another couple’s fiancé unintentionally killed her father.

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1. A woman is shocked to learn that her husband had an affair and fathered a child

I’m expecting my second child right now, and you know how they say that having a second pregnancy will be more emotional? At first, I didn’t think it was real, thinking it was just an ancient superstition that my mother had told me. Still, there’s some validity to it.

Even though it was all about my spouse and had nothing to do with my child. I wanted to hide and indulge in my junk food desires for the most of my second pregnancy. But my best friend Ava wanted me out of the house so we could go out and do things.

I propped my sore feet up and she was preparing me a strawberry milkshake when she stated she’d heard of this wonderful pottery place. She explained the process of registering for a pottery party. I thought of a hundred other things I’d rather be doing, so I asked if we could make pottery. Grinning, she mixed my drink and said,

“Not necessarily. We could just paint pottery instead. Come on, Liv, let’s do it together!”

She convinced me by pointing out that we could make items for my soon-to-be baby’s nursery. I grudgingly consented, but we made a bargain whereby I told her that she would owe me everything the baby wanted that evening. “I’ve already told Malcolm to watch Tess for the evening while we’re out,” said my companion.

I realized how much she wanted me out of the home when I saw that she had already spoken to my husband about our evening, even though she wasn’t the biggest fan of his.

When we got at the pottery, there were fifteen women scheduled for the same time slot. Everyone wanted to relax, enjoy some drinks, and have some fun, which is exactly what Ava had also promised me. We had no idea what kind of crazy adventure we were in for!

The women talked about their own birth stories or that of a loved one while engaging in conversation regarding birth stories. Subsequently, one of them began talking about how she had gone on a date with her boyfriend, only for him to abruptly have to depart because his sister-in-law (SIL) became pregnant.

She added, “It was the 4th of July, and we were at my flat watching a movie when he said that Olivia was in labor.” She also disclosed that she had questioned his need to go because they were tired and it was almost midnight. He dismissed her, though, claiming that it was a family affair and that they all wanted to be present for the baby’s birth.

I looked at my companion; my name was Olivia, and Tess, my firstborn, was born on the same day. The woman then talked about her birth, which took place six months later. I was examining every hue of paint when she addressed the group, saying:

“But Malcolm missed it! Can you imagine?”

Malcolm’s mother said, “He was there for his niece’s birth but not our son’s!” Malcolm said he was unable to leave because he was watching his niece Tess. Ava whispered to me, “What are the odds?” I said, “Wait, your boyfriend’s name is Malcolm?” The woman nodded.

I asked her if it was him when I showed her the picture of Tess, Malcolm, and myself that was on my phone’s screensaver. Once more, she gave me a nod, then mumbled, “Your husband? But he’s the father of my child, too.”

My heart fell, and while I attempted to take it all in, the room whirled. The pottery party turned into an odd nightmare. It dawned on me that my spouse had fathered a child with this woman in addition to cheating on me.

The other women realized the seriousness of the situation and exchanged sympathetic looks. I excused myself from the event because I was feeling overwhelmed and walked out with tears in my eyes. I stood in the restroom, attempting to orient myself.

I spoke with Malcolm today, not wanting to let things go unattended, primarily because I had a due date in five weeks. I needed to know how to get out of this mess before I brought my baby into it.

With reluctance, he acknowledged having an affair and paternating a child. I’m currently googling divorce attorneys while eating chocolate.

2. When daughter starts acting out, woman finds out about her husband’s second wife and family

Diane, my daughter, has always been a rainbow child—she likes to draw unicorns and butterflies and wears the brightest colors. But lately, she has behaved differently. In addition to not eating well and withdrawing, my little girl has an insatiable need to sit outside.

Diane goes through stages, so I didn’t give it much thought at first. I became concerned, though, when her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Silverton, called me in for a parent-teacher conference.

The teacher pulled out a yellow file and showed me a series of drawings by Diane, saying, “I didn’t want to alarm you, Jennifer, but there’s something concerning going on with Diane.” They all had a foreboding, darkish appearance. There was silence on my way home from the school.

I made the decision to speak with Diane about it later, while preparing noodles for dinner. “Sweetheart, I went to see Mrs. Silverton today,” I informed her. She questioned curiously why. “She spoke about the new drawings you’ve been doing and how different they are from your usual ones,” I responded.

Diane twirled her fork and stared silently at her dish of noodles. Assuring her, “Darling, you can tell Momma anything,” I said, “What secret, honey?” and she finally revealed, very softly, “I found Daddy’s secret.” Feeling secure, she did so.

William, my spouse, stays with Diane and me just part-time because of his employment. She jumped from the dinner table and shouted, “Come, I’ll show you, Momma.”

He works remotely from time to time, but the travel wears him out. For his vacation, he decided to rent an apartment.

I wondered what Diane had found when she showed me William’s home office. My tiny girl gave me the old box she pulled out of the top drawer and said, “I saw this when I came looking for crayons.” She then hurried off to her room.

My pulse was thumping as I opened the package and took a quick look inside before everything fell apart. Images of William embracing another woman with three beautiful kids, ages two to seven, grinning beside them were displayed. I experienced astonishment, betrayal, and then intense sadness.

There was a small notepad with numbers written in it underneath the pictures. It appeared to be an exact duplicate of the notepad I kept in my purse with all of my emergency phone numbers. Not only was my husband having an affair, but he was also the father of children that looked just like him!

My cheeks was wet with tears as I accepted the reality. Diane and I had been the gullible protagonists while William had been living two lives. I put everything back in its proper place inside the box.

Diane was standing in the corridor, her eyes wide with surprise and fear, when I noticed her on my way out of the room. I told her, “Let’s get you to bed,” and assured her that everything would be alright. I made the decision to uncover William’s dishonesty the next day.

I drove back home after dropping my baby girl off at school, looked over the little book again, and gave the woman in the pictures, Mia, a call. Acting as though I was their son’s instructor, I was ordered to hold on and to “speak to my husband, William.”

My worst fears were realized when I heard my husband’s voice on the other end of the line, and I quickly hung up. After thinking about it all for hours, I contacted Mia again and told her everything, which astonished her just as much.

I then gave my lawyer a call because I had to dissolve my union with William. I deserved better, and so did Diane, Mia, and her kids. William was too self-centered to see the suffering and anguish that would befall both families if word got out.

Our attorney made sure Diane started therapy and that we received alimony from my ex-husband. To be quite honest, though, I believe that my daughter’s introduction to her half-siblings was the best form of therapy.

3. Man discovers his role in fiancée’s father’s death

I never truly thought that fate existed. I reasoned that something would happen if it was going to happen. And there would be no more big plans after that. However, I later discovered Linda’s father’s identity and realized I was to blame for his passing. All of a sudden, it appeared as though fate was involved.

At thirty, I am incredibly in love with my fiancée, Linda, and we are occupied with organizing our nuptials. We have been together ever since we first met in the enchanted chaos of New York City two years ago. Linda and I made the decision to travel to Phoenix to see her folks.

Because Linda’s mother occasionally traveled to New York to stay with her, I had already met her. All I knew was that her father, Leonard, had died while she was still a young child. Linda wanted to show me the house where she was raised; if my family hadn’t moved away when my father obtained a job in New York, I could have met her there. That’s why we went.

However, Linda’s main intention was to ask Veronica, her mother, whether she could lend her veil for our wedding. There was a lot of fun and wonderful food over dinner. Then the old pictures of Linda appeared.

“Cole,” Veronica said while presenting me with an album. It was all pure fun until I came onto a picture of Linda with her father. “You’ve got to see Linda’s hair during her rebellious years.” A face I never would have thought to see in Linda’s family album was in the shot.

Linda’s happy grin turned to bewilderment and amazement as I blurted out a confession without thinking, “I’m so sorry to say this, but I’m the reason your father is dead. Linda, I killed him.” “Cole, what do you mean?” she enquired. “My father died about twenty years ago. How could you be the reason for his death?”

Linda and her mother nodded as I clarified, “Do you remember I told you that my family lived in Phoenix for about a year when I was ten?” “We weren’t here long because my father was between jobs. But during that time, I loved to ride bicycles, and I would always ride a few blocks back before dinner.”

I pointed to the picture of Linda with her father and said, “This one was in the newspaper.” “I rode into the wrong lane one day because the sun was distracting. There was another car on the road, and to protect me, the car swerved and crashed into a tree.”

“I remember seeing it the next day, and I knew the man had saved me. I don’t know who called for an ambulance, but I know that I sat on the curb until they left. Then I walked home.” “But you were only a child,” the mother of Linda responded.

“Until now, I was unaware that he was your father,” I informed Linda. “It was only when I saw this photograph.” “I understand if you want to cancel the wedding,” I responded. “I’d do anything for you, Linda. Even if it means letting you walk away — this is unthinkable. And unforgivable. I know.”

Linda grabbed my bottle of beer and took a sip. “I believe our meeting was meant to be,” she replied, grasping my hand. She talked on how she couldn’t hold a child accountable for being a youngster and riding a bicycle, or her father for wanting to save him, saying: “And I think that my dad saved you for me.”

“I forgive you.”

She got to her feet, gave me a hug, and I started crying. It was also therapeutic. One week before our wedding, I’m sitting here writing my vows and I have never felt more content. Even though it was fate or coincidence, knowing the family of the man who saved me gives me a feeling of closure. Now, though, his family will be mine too.

4. Wife Discovers Dark Side of Yearly Christmas Gifts from MIL

My mother-in-law (MIL) used to give me porcelain dolls every year when I got married to my husband five years ago. She often handed them to me in a box when no one else was there, and at first I thought that was cute because they looked like antiques.

She didn’t want the rest of the family to know, so I just assumed they were from her collection. However, I was completely mistaken. There was never a need to showcase dolls anyplace in our house because I’m not a fan of them. Instead, I had no idea what to do with them, so I continued to hide them inside my closet.

My spouse promised me a new closet for Christmas this year, so a few weeks prior to that, we were packing up everything I owned in preparation for the carpenter to build the bespoke closet. In any case, my husband Andy became pale while I was on my knees taking out the dolls.

He pointed to the first doll and asked, “Where are those from?” “From your mom, they’ve been my Christmas presents for all these years,” I replied. “Five years? Monica, really?” he said, quickly gathering them up and leaving our bedroom.

“Come with me.”

I replied, “Where are you going?” and followed him into the living room, where he set fire to the fireplace and flung all the dolls. Since it was the middle of winter, people were using the fireplace all the time. While seated on the couch, I said, “Please explain why you just did that.”

Andy just gave me a terrified expression. “Mon,” he said. “You know that our cultures are very different, right?” I replied. I realized, of course, that I had a lot to learn about Andy’s culture. “Honey, these dolls are for cleansing the homes that they are put in. They remove all the negative energy. That’s their role — to absorb energy and protect the house.”

“That sounds good,” I remarked, drawn in by this tale. But I was also a little freaked out because my mother-in-law, Lina, never brought it up. “Yes and no,” replied Andy. “According to the legend, the dolls reach a point where they can no longer absorb any more negative energy.”

“When they can’t do it anymore, they begin to poison the air around them. Enveloping the house in diseases. They are said to literally make the air toxic,” he stated. “What?” I asked, puzzled. “How can we fix this? They’ve been here for years!”

Typically, incense and flowers were required as offerings. “Well, I know that burning them is a way to symbolically dispose of all the energy absorbed. So, that’s why I set them alight,” he stated. He thought this should work for the time being, but it had to be done outside.

“You’re being serious about all of this?” I responded. I called my mother-in-law later, after Andy had gathered up all the ashes and taken them to the park nearby to be disposed of. He nodded and continued, saying, “It’s just tradition, but I didn’t know that this was what Mom gave you every year.”

All I wanted was an explanation for why mom kept the dolls and their purpose from me. After taking my call, Lina listened to me silently. The entire scenario unsettled me. Andy and I made the decision that Christmas to talk more openly about our family’s customs, despite how strange they may seem.

In the end, it proved to be a revelation that deepened our bond and gave our partnership a new level of comprehension. Since my family isn’t particularly cultural, Andy and I now discuss all the strange and fascinating superstitions of his culture while I prepare delicacies from my great-grandmother’s era.

Learn everything you can about the culture of the person you are dating, especially if dolls are a part of the relationship! “Monica, it’s your duty,” Lina remarked. “You need to learn about our family traditions. Especially if you and Andy want to have children one day. Don’t accept gifts without understanding their purpose.”

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