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25-year-old Byron Wouldn’t Be Alive Today If It Weren’t For His Four-legged Friend Geo

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25-year-old Byron Wouldn’t Be Alive Today If It Weren’t For His Four-legged Friend Geo

A dog is the most loyal and loving friend in the world.

Just ask Byron, who is 25 years old and wouldn’t be living today without his dog Geo.

Byron, who is from Gloucester, England, became very depressed after a relationship ended. He hit the bottle to block out his pain and get rid of his problems.

After drinking a lot for a few months, Byron made a noose and sent his family a letter saying goodbye.

He made up his mind that he didn’t want to live anymore and was ready to kill himself.

Someone in the house, though, wouldn’t stand there and watch his best friend say goodbye.

This was the worst time for Byron Taylor, who was 25 years old. He couldn’t see any way out.

He made a noose one day while he was very drunk. Then, the Daily Mail says, he went downstairs to write his family a goodbye letter.

He went back upstairs, though, and saw that Geo, his dog, had something in his mouth.

The Welsh bullmastiff Geo, who is six years old, took the noose while Byron was downstairs. And Geo wouldn’t give up the rope when Byron tried to get it back.

Boyd first thought Geo only wanted to play. He soon saw, though, that the dog was serious. Geo clenched his teeth together as if he were going to bite Byron if he tried to take the rope out of his mouth. He seemed to know what Byron was going to do.

The rope was a mess when Geo finally let go of it.

Today, Byron says that Geo is the reason he is still living.

“In a way, I think Geo knew what I was going to do. They have a sixth sense about this kind of thing. He knew something was up,” says Byron.

Geo moved quickly enough to stop Byron’s plan and make him feel better.

Byron began to work hard to deal with his sadness, but he was hit with another hard blow a few years later.

Geo was told he only had a few days to live because he had a dangerous growth.

The internet was full of fun things that Byron did to raise money for Geo’s medical care, but the vets were unable to save the dog.

Byron made up his mind to do everything he could to make sure Geo had the best possible last days.

Even though his best friend is gone, he will always be thankful to him for giving him the best gift of all: life.

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