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If You Like to be Alone, You Probably Have These 22 Unique Personality Traits


If You Like to be Alone, You Probably Have These 22 Unique Personality Traits

We all know some people who like living in their own bubble. If you’re one of the people who enjoy being by themselves more than being with others, you’ll find yourself in this article.

1. Time Is Invaluable

We don’t get too long to ourselves in general. So the little time that we do have is invaluable. Similarly, we never waste the time of another person. Simply because we know what it’s worth.

2. You Know Yourself

You’re your own best friend. Since you spend so much time alone, you have a better idea of who you are and what you want from life. You do not function under a facade.

3. Being Calm In Rough Situations

You do not find yourself being easily riled up. It takes a lot to get on your nerves. You’re always the calm head in a storm, and every group flocks to you for mediation.

4. Your Mental Horizons Are Wide

You think a lot and you are extremely observant. You’ve seen a lot. The tiniest of things fail to offend you. You know more of the world to have a much bigger picture of it.

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5. Being Honest Is Important To You

You cannot stand people lying to you. You never lie to others either. Things are much easier to deal with if both parties are honest about their intentions and shortcomings.

6. Maintaining Boundaries

You have very rigid boundaries in every area of life. You do not cross your own rules, and don’t let anybody cross them either. It’s meant to keep you safe and unharmed.

7. You Know Your Highs And Lows

You understand what makes you strong, and what tears you down. That knowledge is very important. You know how to deal with situations and which avenues to avoid. This keeps you safe from disasters.

8. You Are An Empath

You are a storehouse of feelings, and not just your own. You can perceive how other people are too. You are a natural empath who can grasp the emotional frequencies of everybody around you.

9. Nobody Is Perfect

You do not hold yourself or others to impossible standards. You respect the flaws of others, including your own.

10. Your Gut-Feeling Never Fails You

Your sixth sense has been honed to possible perfection. Spending so much time in the company of your own mind means that there are some mental tactics you know better than others.

11. Independence 

You value your independence above everything else. If something remotely ties you down, you make sure you get out of there soon enough. Nothing is worth losing your freedom over.

12. Understanding The Value Of Kindness

Humanity is already suffering too much in their own hands. You understand the great impact of a small act of kindness, and refuse to stoop to being mean. Being nice is the least we could do for the world.

13. You Are Brave

It hardly means that you aren’t scared. Big ventures make you afraid, but you do not let that influence you into quitting.

14. You Prioritize Yourself

You put yourself first and you are your biggest priority. You look after your well being like that’s your job. It prevents you a lot of heartbreak.

15. The Value Of Trust

You do not trust easily. Not surprisingly, people find it very easy to trust you. They can spill all their secrets, knowing that they are safe with you.

16. Emotional Strength Is Needed

Emotional strength is something that is much needed. When you spend so much time alone, you gain it through focus and acceptance.

17. Moral Principles Are Key

You haven’t lost touch with the basic principles that make you who you are. You still hang onto them with all your strength and they make you who you are. Morals are integral to your identity.

18. You Are Very Loyal

You never betray anybody, irrespective of how friendly they are with you. You also do not expect this treatment from other people, and are skeptical about whom to trust.

19. The Ability To Adapt

You are flexible in all circumstances. You are not stubborn, which endears you to the heart of people. You can adapt with changing plans or situations. This is a wonderful survival tactic.

20. Compromises Are Important

You know that you must meet people half way. But that’s as far as it goes. You neither give nor expect anybody to give their life up for you, but you expect and offer cooperation.

21. Boring Is Not Bad

Not all things that are boring are necessarily bad. You do not judge things easily, or try to fit them into redundant boundaries. Merit is much more important to you than whether it is ‘cool’.

22. Not Being Like You Is Not A Crime

You understand the benefits of spending time with your own self. But you do not chastise people who prefer to live differently. There is no ‘one correct way’ of living, and you don’t impose your choices on others.

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