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20 Amazing Psychology Facts You Should Keep to Yourself


20 Amazing Psychology Facts You Should Keep to Yourself

Human psychology is one of the most mysterious and yet interesting disciplines in the world.

Sometimes, some concepts seem to make absolute sense. Other times, they can be so bizarre that you can’t even begin to think about them.

Here are 20 of the most interesting things that psychology has to offer to the layman:

1. A person’s favorite song has to do with their personal experiences. People usually relate particular emotions to particular songs and that influences their choice.

2. Music can affect and change the way people perceive something. This has even been proven by a study which was conducted by Groningen University.

3. This might seem to go beyond any logic, but the more you spend, the happier you get. Not just this, but when you buy something for someone, that gives you more happiness. So now you have a reason to not be thrifty when it comes to Christmas shopping.

4. And when it comes to spending, you will be much happier when you spend money on experiences, rather than on material belongings. A trip with your friends will give you more happiness than the latest model of phone that you want.

5. With time, the upcoming generations are becoming much higher strung than before.

6. People who follow a faith and pray or meditate more, are less stressed when compared to those who don’t follow any religion at all.

7. Money actually does buy happiness. Because in today’s time, happiness is deeply linked with things we can have and money is related to the experiences which we can have.

8. Spending time around happy people naturally increases your happiness.

9. The most stressed age group of all is those between 18 to 33; because these are the years when you have to deal with your education, career and family.

10. You can fool your brain into thinking that you have slept more and thus can work more.

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11. In today’s world, most of the people who are genuinely smart doubt themselves too much. And those who know next to nothing are flaunting their mental prowess. This is also called the dunning kruger effect.

12. When we recall something from the past, the memory we retrieve is not of the original event, but our most recent memory of that event. That is why over time we remember less and less.

13. When you start thinking in a language which is not your primary language, you are able to make better decisions. This is because it promotes rational and logical thinking and helps in dulling the bias.

14. When you talk a lot about your goals, you are actually lowering your chances of getting there.

15. Chocolate is good for your health because it release the same hormone which is released when you are in love. This makes you full of energy, happiness and excitement.

16. Hugging helps in reducing stress. When you hug someone for 20 seconds, your brain releases oxytocin; the happiness hormone.

17. When you are feeling tired, your brain is more capable of turning out creative content. That is why the shower is said to be the best place for thoughts.

18. When you are rejected by someone or for something, you feel actual pain in the brain.

19. Our relationships with other people are a very important part for our happiness and overall well-being. In fact, for a healthy and happy life, they are more crucial than regular exercise; although the latter helps too.

20. As of now, there hasn’t been even a single case of a blind person suffering from schizophrenia.

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