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19 Fake Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean


19 Fake Things A Narcissist Says and What They Really Mean

Narcissists are the last people you would want to meet and interact with, and for no fault of theirs. It’s a mental disorder of quite legitimate nature. Narcissists or scientifically speaking, patients of narcissistic personality disorder, cannot ever put others’ interests before theirs.

It is broadly of two types: the first kind have an over-inflated and exaggerated image of themselves in their head. This is the worse one of the two. The second, also called vulnerability narcissism: the patients feel extremely threatened by anyone else succeeding.

It is the first kind that is normally referred to when one uses the word “narcissist”.

It is simply someone who is at the very extreme pole of self-love and adoration. They feed on others doting on them and doing things for them. They are manipulative and conceited and try to ensnare people into their web and feed off their mental energy, giving them the toughest time of their lives.

This is especially the case when you start dating a narcissist. They use the language of the narcissist to get to your last nerve and wreck your self-respect. Worst part, they will make sure you get used to the extreme toxic behavior and think it is normal, thereby sinking more and more into their trap.

The only way out: You understand what they really mean. That you know what they say is a blind-faced deception and you break through it.

So here we have brought you 19 things narcissists commonly tell you along with its real life translated meaning. This way, you stay cautious and you stay safe from their trap.

1. Forgive me and forget this whole deal

Trans: Yes, just keep thinking me abusing you is the normal thing and part of your routine. You better get used to it, because this is going to stay.

2. I have never met anyone like you

Trans: Eh so what? I am talking to 10 others just like you, but I want you to fall for my trap so, here goes.

3. I gave birth to you / I am your father

Trans: Yes, that gives me the right to abuse you and to torture you mentally. That makes me the overlord of your life.

4. My ex was crazy

Trans: She saw right through me after a while and told everyone that I abused her, which was true but what the hell.

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5. I am thinking of starting a family

Trans: Yes, believe me when I say I am responsible and fall for me. Then we’ll start the real game.

6. You are over-sensitive

Trans: How dare you feel upset about something I said? How dare you think I am being abusive? I am abusive, but you can’t think so. You have to worship me.

7. That did not happen

Trans: I did what I did, but you ignore it.

8. You are my soulmate

Trans: For now I am liking all the attention you are showing me. Besides, this thing is still fresh, so why not enjoy and make sure you go nowhere.

9. I am sorry

Trans: Give me all your time and attention.

10. I love you

Trans: You saw through me? Jesus! So, I need to distract you.

11. Stop living in the past

Trans: Are you done whining and crying? Can I get some love and attention now? It’s been a while.

12. She is insane

Trans: Of course she is. How dare she tell people the truth about my abusive nature?

13. I don’t have an attitude problem

Trans: No. The problem lies with you. You should learn how to take a beating and still not complain.

14. I am having a rough day

Trans: Give me attention.

15. I don’t like talking about it

Trans: Now you need to pamper me, coax me and flatter me, until I tell you things which are not important and happen to everyone.

16. I hate cheaters

Trans: My last relationship didn’t last because I cheated but it’s okay when I do it. You have to move on from it if I do it.

17. Nobody likes you

Trans: I will make sure you aren’t liked by anyone and that you hate everyone but me as a result.

18. I don’t want to brag

Trans: I do want to brag and you must listen and be in awe of my achievements which are really nothing.

19. You are the cause of this mess

Trans: It’s actually me, but God forbid, I am an angel.

So be careful and make sure to find your way out of such toxic relationships before you lose yourself entirely.

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