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15 Warning Signs Of An Insecure Man And The Damage They Can Do To A Great Relationship


15 Warning Signs Of An Insecure Man And The Damage They Can Do To A Great Relationship

Does his world revolve around yours? Don’t be so easily flattered by this excessive attention that he’s directing at you. 

He’s the one who calls to check on you, showers compliments on you, opens the door for you. He’s also someone who repeatedly expresses his disbelief that you’ve agreed to date him and how lucky he is to have you in his life. And you’re flattered to receive these endless compliments, especially when you’ve been with some really self-absorbed men in your past. 

It’s just when you’ve finally started to enjoy all the attention do you realize that it’s becoming an obsession to him. It’s taking the shape of an uncomfortable possessive behavior. In return, you spend most of your time assuring him that you truly love him. And it’s now becoming a regular exercise that’s exhausting you. 

These are all indications of an insecure man. Read these 15 behavior patterns to know more about him.

1. He doesn’t have friends or hobbies

He doesn’t spend a lot of time with his friends or even mentions them to you. Besides work, he’s not interested in anything like sports, gym, or voluntary work. 

He mostly spends time dreaming about you when you’re not around him. And if he had any interests before you, he’s quit them all to spend more time with you.

2. He doubts that you’re not over your ex

He strongly believes that you’re still emotionally connected to your ex, although you assure him that it’s only those of hatred and disgust. 

Because he’s not convinced that you’re absolutely in love with him, the only explanation that he has to this is that you’re still fond of your ex-boyfriend. 

3. He expresses love too soon

Right at the beginning of dating each other, he expresses his love for you. Of course, it takes you to cloud nine, but think again, isn’t it too early? 

Love takes a while to develop and, if he says this to you very early in the relationship, then beware of what’s coming next. Especially if he’s compelling you to say the same to him each time he says it to you. 

4. His world revolves around you

You’re his universe and his world revolves around you. Yes, it’s very flattering to hear that. At the same time, the burden becomes too much to handle. 

So when there’s a hiccup in the relationship, you’ll have to bear all the responsibility for it. After all, you’re his center and everything will come crumbling down on you. 

5. He asks for validation

“Do you really love me?” If this is his frequent question to you, then it’s his way of constantly saying how much he doesn’t believe your assertions. 

To hear compliments and expressions of love is a natural thing, but if your partner is constantly asking for it then it can get cumbersome to protect his insecurities.

6. Your friends make him jealous

He is quite jealous of all your friends and the attention that you give them. If you’re hanging out with your colleagues or have male friends that you like to spend time with, then he’s going to make it really difficult for you to be emotionally free. He’ll call out for your attention to be with him. 

Initially, you’ll find his possessive nature cute until it gets into your way of spending time with your colleagues and friends. 

7. He’ll suggest a break-up often

He’ll frequently suggest that he’ll break-up with you by making statements like “I don’t believe you love me” or “I feel like you don’t want me anymore”. He’s obviously not intending to put an end to the relationship but only asking for your attention. If you don’t validate his ego then he’ll pull away this technique and try something else instead. 

He’s asking for your absolute devotion, so be careful before you allow yourself to be sucked into this game forever. 

8. He refers to his exes double-crossing him

He’ll always blame his exes for his relationships not working out. He was just a victim of their cheating. It could be right and thus he’s insecure about you or simply this thought exists in his imagination because he’s insecure in general. 

If you’re driven by your sympathy for him and decide not to leave him then also take into account the stories from his past, the ones about his exes. This could be a reason why they stepped away from him.

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9. He keeps an account of your social media life

Everything that you post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, he’s the first one to take a look at it. And if there’s something that you posted there and did not tell him about, it’ll upset him terribly. He wants to know everything that happens in your life. 

10. He looks into your phone

Slyly or openly, he’ll almost always look into your phone. He needs to know who you talk to and about what. There’s often this feeling in him that you’re keeping something away from him and therefore he must know it himself. 

11. He showers gifts and attention on you

In the beginning, this extraordinary attention may seem very flattering. Later, you’ll start wondering at this unusual behavior and would want to know if he’s buying your affection through this materialistic show of love. 

12. He’ll doubt your love

He’ll often think that you’re double crossing him. Every person that you speak with, he’ll doubt your reason for dividing your attention towards him. 

Because he’s always insecure about you and unsure about your love for him, every conversation of yours with the opposite sex will be seen as developing into a potential relationship. 

13. He wants each day of yours with him

Soon after you’ll go away from him, he’ll text you saying he already misses you. Cute, isn’t it? Except that it becomes an obsessive habit wherein you can’t concentrate on anything else without feeling burdened by his emotional needs. 

He feels insecure and upset if you’re spending more time attending to your responsibilities than giving him attention. He’ll put you on a guilt trip if you have a friend calling or have to run a grocery list because, well, you’re not with him completely. 

14. He rests his mood on you

It’s good if you’re sensitive around your partner and his moods, but if he’s resting them on you then it gets really difficult to handle the extra burden. Days when you’re in a good mood, he’ll also get along with you. On other days, if something is keeping you occupied and you can’t give him validation, he’ll be terribly upset and depressed. 

Naturally, you have to alter your mood to accommodate his whims in your life. Gradually, it gets too much to handle.

15. He can’t take criticism

True, nobody likes criticism, but if it’s a healthy one then one should be open to receiving it. Since their self-esteem is already so low, the idea of hearing their partner criticize them for anything at all really disturbs their peace of mind. 

If at all you dare to tell him that you need some time off, he’ll take it in the wrong direction altogether and not care to reflect on his attitude. He’ll always blame you for asking for your space. 

So, please observe these signs before it is too late and save yourself.

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