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10 Dating Mistakes Men Always Make


10 Dating Mistakes Men Always Make

As it is commonly known, women have a pretty complex way of thinking and responding, which sometimes makes it quite difficult to understand them. In fact, this complexity is what makes them beautiful.

Men, on the other hand, make naive mistakes when they are around a woman they like. They say and do things which spoil the whole deal.

This article enlists 10 such things which you should never do whenever you are dealing with a woman.

1. Hint at the number of male friends

Especially in the initial stages of your relationship, never express your insecurities about the number of male friends she might have. Expressing such insecurities would not make her feel comfortable with you and she’d hide details of her life from you. Relationships are built upon space and trust. You should give it to her and only then will you get it back.

2. Postponing discussion unnecessarily

Never unnecessarily postpone a conversation or abruptly end it. It gives her the idea that something’s not right. This will make her doubt you and the relationship. Give her adequate attention. In case you are very busy, communicate that frankly.

3. Don’t be desperate

Take a good amount of time before you make your interests known to a woman. If you ask her out on a date the first time you meet, that is most likely to mean the end of all possibilities. You have to let her like you as well and you need to give her time for that.

4. Inquire about sex-life

In the early days of spending time together, if you inquire about a woman’s sex life or how many men she has slept with, you present yourself as insecure (again!) and even undesirable to an extent. She’ll never trust you if you do something like that.

5. Don’t spy on her

Suppose you call her after you start dating and for some reason she is unable to answer the call. You start sending her texts and call her friends to know where she is right away. Cramp her for space like that and you are doomed forever.

6. Ask if she likes you

If you ask a woman on your second or third meeting whether she likes you or not, desperate desperate and desperate is what you look like. You know the obvious result by now.

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7. Don’t be too critical

Appreciate the efforts she puts into her relationship with you. There is no need to be super critical about anything and everything. It doesn’t make you superior in any way. Rather, on the contrary, it makes you look weak and she’ll eventually feel discouraged to put in any efforts.

8. Don’t try to check her phone

So, we keep coming back to you being insecure. The moment you start doing that is the moment you start ruining the prospects of a relationship. In case she is calling somebody or texting, never ask for the phone so that you might check it. Even if she gives you the phone, she would not like to be with you anymore. You simply have to let her be herself and should never intrude into her private space.

9. Ask for her passwords

Never ever ask for her passwords. This is another major expression of insecurity and it’ll ruin all her interests in you. She’ll never be able to respect you if you do that. This will form such a crack in the relationship that it will be almost impossible to mend, no matter what you do.

10. Don’t expect from her to always dress up

No human is always in the same mood. None of us have the same feelings every day. The woman you like (or love) is no exception. Sometimes she’d dress up and sometimes she will be in a most comfortable rag of a dress. Acknowledge this fact and don’t tell her that she doesn’t look good that day. You have to make her comfortable in your company and not being judged is a pre-requisite for that.

So, in all, the essential point at the core of all these things is that you shouldn’t be or act INSECURE. Also, you should not be desperate and should give her all the respect she deserves. Only then will you get her respect in return and also her love.

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