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15 Dads Who Love Their Kids So Much That They Go the Extra Mile

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15 Dads Who Love Their Kids So Much That They Go the Extra Mile

A study found that kids who play with their dads when they are young might do better in school, with friends, and have better mental health as adults.

There are parents who do a lot more than that to make sure their kids are happy.

They never let them down, whether it’s by keeping them entertained or teaching them new skills that will make their lives better.

Online, there are lots of cases of these good deeds that could make anyone cry.

Now, we will show you a few dads who are very likely to win the “Father of the Year” award.

1. “They’d all scream for food at the same time, so this is how I’d give them three bottles at once.”

2. “Being a single dad is hard.”

3. “As a dad, I love it when I can style my daughter’s hair in a way that makes her feel like a princess.”

4. “In the early 1990s, my dad rappelled with me on his back.”

One person said… “just in case anything happens, i’ll strap my small child on to absorb the full force of the impact,” while another one commented “Hmm… 2 ropes and a “Hold on tight!” How 90’s kids faced their fears!”

5. For Halloween, I turned my son’s wheelchair into a shovel.

6. “A picture of my dad and me camping in 1987.”

7. “A mermaid and her mer-dad at Disneyland”

8. “In 1995, my dad taught me how to skate!”

9. “My dad is getting his medical degree while taking care of me.” 1984″

10. “3000 for dad”

11. “I loved the “señorita” half-up style my dad would give me.” “Who says dads can’t also be moms? (1994)”

12. “My son asked my dad where he could find a treasure.” We went on a treasure hunt together after he made a map and hid things around our land.

13. “When I lost my hair, my dad shaved his head to show his support.” The next thing that made sense was to take a “Bald is Beautiful” family picture.

14. “I saw this at an airport. The father went back and forth, and his daughter laughed the whole time.

15. “Some things will always be the same.”

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