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12 Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship And Need To Get Out Immediately

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12 Signs You’re In A Toxic Friendship And Need To Get Out Immediately

Friends are an integral part of our life. They help us through tough times and make our lives so much better simply by existing. You are certainly very lucky if you have a bunch of friends you know you can trust to be there for you whenever you need them to be. It isn’t any surprise that friends nurture us, they define us and they help us become better versions of ourselves.

However, at times, we become friends with people who happen to affect our lives negatively. They drain us and make us feel miserable – these are the toxic kind and we need to get rid of them for our own peace of mind.

If you don’t know how you would know if your friend is toxic, look for these 12 signs!

1. You are there for them whenever they need you but the favor isn’t reciprocated

They give you a call any time of the day and there you are, helping them out with a trouble or simply making them feel better. But what if you are in dire need? Oh, they are too busy with something else and can’t make it! They require your undivided attention but fail to attend to you even when you need it.

2. Their leaving makes you happier than their arrival

No explanation required here. You feel relieved not when you see them but when they leave.

3. Negativity doesn’t seem to leave the room when they are around

This friend is always being negative, not the normal kind but overly negative! It is fair to call them Debbie downers, making you feel bad all the time and pointing out wrongs with everything!

4. Inconsistency in their behavior

One moment they are laughing out loud and the next, they are angry at something. Their behavior is very inconsistent; they are hot and they are cold, and they come and leave as they please.

5. They cause physical and mental stress

It isn’t just about emotions – they can make you feel physically and mentally sick. Their presence stresses you and you get knots in your stomach when they are in the same room as you. Your peace of mind gets disrupted and it sustains even after they leave. You feel sick and tired.

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6. They won’t keep your secrets

Let alone secrets, they won’t keep anything you tell them to themselves. They are literal like Tell-all Tashas. Friends are supposed to have your back and your personal diary, where you can lock your deepest secrets. But they can’t and they will conveniently tell everyone everything you share with them.

7. It is all about them

It is probably one of the most alarming signs! Everything is about them – you feel like you don’t even exist for them. For them, it’s me first and then you. If they don’t like something, you don’t do it either.

8. Peer-pressure from them can be agonizing

You remember how they always want things their way? Well, they will put pressure on you to do something you aren’t comfortable doing just because they want you to. And trust it when I say it, they will push you until you give in!

9. They are easily put off by you

You denied them simplest of favors and now they are mad at you. Why? Friends are supposed to be understanding, right? These toxic friends find the minutest mistake you make and use it against you. Anything, literally anything can put them off and at any time!

10. You are never right

When you give your opinion, they shoot it down right away. It’s like you are always wrong and nothing you say can ever be right. Your ideas are absurd and you don’t make sense to them.

11. They are so judgmental, you may even start doubting yourself

Real friends are supposed to be your cheerleaders and have your back. But these toxic friends, they will put on their judgment caps as soon as do something. They will scrutinize it to its very core. They will watch your every move and make comments which aren’t needed.

12. Always a taker but never a giver

This one makes a lot of sense on its own by now. For them, everything is up for the grabs – be it your time, attention or something physical. You provide it to them. But when you need something from them, whoosh! There they disappear into thin air!

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