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12 Reasons Why the Woman Who Loves ‘Too Much’ Will Be Your Best Relationship Partner


12 Reasons Why the Woman Who Loves ‘Too Much’ Will Be Your Best Relationship Partner

People, just like life, are full of surprises. The love we find in the most unusual of places might be the love that lasts for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for that ideal relationship, you should look for a person who will love you a lot, maybe even ‘too much’.

Some might dismiss this as just clinginess or desperation, but most of the time it is because they genuinely feel that much about you. This is a rare and precious thing, and even though it might get a little difficult for some, this is a relationship that should be handled with care.

Here’s why you should be with the woman who is completely in love with you, and maybe even loves you too much and more than you love her:

1. You’ll always have support when life tries to bring you down

With her, you’ll learn that there is no point worrying about what has already happened. She understands that the past is in the past. Whenever you falter or take the wrong step, she’ll be right by your side with love and support. And anytime you need to vent, she is right there by you ready to listen.

2. She loves you, flaws and all

You don’t have to try and put on a perfect facade. She sees your true self and she accepts it wholeheartedly. She loves even the parts of you that you don’t like. In her eyes, you are and always will be perfect.

3. She’ll show you the silver lining

Nothing will be all gloom and doom anymore. She’ll always show you the lighter side of things and help you become stronger.

4. You will be complete with and without her

You won’t feel like there’s any part of you missing because she will teach you and show you that you don’t need anyone in order to feel whole. But still, when you’re with her, you will only feel a deeper sense of completeness. Both of you will become a part of each other.

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5. You will learn self-love

She’ll help you see all the best part of you, even the parts you didn’t know existed. With her guidance, you will see that you are worthy of love, from yourself and others.

6. You will experience a whole new range of emotions

Everyone has feelings they keep under wraps but when you’re with her, you’ll understand that they need to be experienced. She’ll make you feel safe enough to be vulnerable around her. Even if the feelings make you feel a bit overwhelmed, you will feel overwhelmed in a good way.

7. You will never find a more trustworthy person

She’s absolutely faithful to you and you’ll never have to worry about her stabbing you in the back. Her loyalty is deep. But she will expect the same level of loyalty from you and you will lose her the moment you betray her.

8. You will learn forgiveness

Resentment is dangerous if left to fester, so it is necessary to learn how to forgive. She’ll teach you how to let go of everything that has been keeping you back. She will help you understand that forgiveness is one of the most important things.

9. You’ll have a soldier by your side

No matter what happens, she’ll be ready to go into battle for you. She has complete faith in you and every time you feel like you’re going to pieces, she’ll be right there holding you together. She will fight for you even when no one else is, or even when you are not fighting for yourself.

10. She’s no fair weather friend

She’ll be there for you no matter what is thrown at you. She’ll face down any threat that comes your way because she loves you too much to lose you.

11. Communication will become easy

You’ll never have to worry about her making the wrong assumptions. If she senses that something is wrong, she’ll discuss it with you until it is sorted out, so that there’s no misunderstanding between the two of you.

12. She will show you her true self

She will never try to be someone or something else than what she truly is. What you see is what you get with her. You can be rest assured that there’s no nasty twist waiting for you.

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