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11 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Have The Worst Dating Lives


11 Reasons Why The Most Incredible Women Have The Worst Dating Lives

Have you seen a beautiful, smart and caring woman who is single and wondered why they aren’t dating anyone? Or that they are too choosy? Well, this is a common scenario. If you belong to the tribe of amazing women and can’t find love, wait up, because you deserve the best!

1. They can be intimidating at times

Most men have fragile egos that are shattered when they come in contact with strong women. They feel that the strength of a confident woman will overshadow their being, so they choose to avoid them. Men are almost always intimidated by women who are extremely intelligent, because they feel as they cannot control them or that the woman is more intelligent than they are.

2. They will not sacrifice their needs

Men are used to the traditional albeit patriarchal notion that women will cater to their needs before fulfilling their own. The independent woman does not need a man to feel worthy because she values her dreams. She will not become a slave by sacrificing her ambitions and will only be with someone who understands her ideals.

3. They have no patience when it comes to jerks

Their self esteem often comes out as being arrogant, but a strong woman will not allow a man to walk all over her in the name of love. She knows her worth and will cut off men who think themselves to be superior. Feminism is not just a movement but a battle she fights everyday, so she expects her man to strive for equality too! She commands respect and deserves it.

4. They say what they mean

They are brutally honest and will not flinch while calling a spade a spade. They believe in communicating to bridge differences and exchange ideas. Most men are unable to handle such clarity.

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5. They will call out on your bullshit

If you try to play games with her, she will simply walk out. She is strong enough to be on her own and intelligent enough not to put up with your bullshit. She will make you regret what you did.

6. They have high standards in men

They are not prudes but simply believe in waiting for the best. They do not want to invest time and energy in a wrong man and then get their heart broken. They simply won’t settle for less.

7. They are unique

They embrace their idiosyncrasies and would not change them to be with a man. Their quirks make them unique and they expect men to want them as they are.

8. They are passionate and ambitious

Strong women not only dream but they strive to make their dreams come true. They will achieve their goals and not entertain a man who doesn’t value her aspirations.

9. They are mature

With experience comes maturity. Strong women are wise and in control of their life. They will not do something completely reckless like falling for someone who is not worth it. They know too well what they want from life.

10. When they fall, they fall hard

They believe it’s either all or nothing. They will do everything for their partner and expect the same. To them, relationships are about mutual growth and love.

11. They are hard to find

You will not find them getting drunk at parties but discussing politics over wine. They are a rare species who will not compromise on their standards and once they find their match, they embark on a fulfilling journey of enriching themselves together. Most men have a difficult time finding this gem of a woman as she has better things to do than woo or be wooed by a man. Her dreams are everything to her, but she will cherish true companionship.

If you can identify with at least seven of these traits, then you are an awesome woman! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Be patient and wait, and life will reward you with your dream man. Until then, chase your dreams and live life to the fullest!

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