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11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression


11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression

Depression. It isn’t a term unknown to many of us. In fact, it can easily be termed as one of the most clichéd expressions out there.

Often, you will find people throwing this word away as an emotion; “I am feeling depressed. Oh, don’t get so depressed just because you didn’t get to buy your favorite dress.”

We tend to underestimate the severity of this actual mental problem. It is probably one of those disorders which regularly goes unseen, unrecognized and undiagnosed. And someone who is habitual of dealing with their inner emotions without revealing them is someone fighting from what is called ‘concealed depression’. It slowly eats the person from the inside. 

Here are the 12 signs to help you point out someone suffering from concealed depression:

1. They might have their own ways to deal with their inner conflicts

Sure, there are proper medications and treatments for the depressed. But someone who experiences concealed depression, they have certain routine remedies to deal with it. They can be anything from exercising, music, to involving oneself in artistic activities and driving.

2. Their sleeping and eating habits are strange

It may seem trivial but these two are quite an important indicator of someone having unrevealing depression. Being on either extremes, eating or sleeping too little or too much, is alarming. These two are important for one’s health and they are two of the things which are under human control. Since depression takes away this authority from the sufferer, being able to control at least something leads to being on either of the two extremes.

3. In order to make up for their inner turmoil of emotions, they may appear to be too happy and upbeat

Depression isn’t a mood someone’s in. It is way more than that and it makes the sufferer learn how to wear other emotions in order to hide this one. At times, even the happiest appearing person can be the one in inner anguish. They tend to wear an upbeat mask to prevent themselves from spoiling the mood.

4. They fear their loved ones will leave them on learning the truth

Understandably, it’s troublesome for the one who has it. But, it is also a burden for the one who the depressed loves. It isn’t uncommon for people to abandon you once they find out your real struggles – everyone has their own battles to fight. And it is troubling for people with concealed depression to reveal their deepest, ugliest inner self to someone they love because they fear it will be too much for them to handle.

5. They are excellent at making up stories

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was being clumsy and had a fall, that’s how I got this cut.” It is the kind of reasoning you will hear from someone with concealed depression. Be it anything, they are pros at coming up with cover up stories of what happened with them in reality. In order to avoid any attention from people, they know just the right excuses.

6. You will find them looking for a purpose

Of course, most of us look for a purpose in life. We all look for something to look forward to. It’s nothing new. But people with concealed depression, you will often find them shifting directions, making changes and trying to figure out what they want. They feel inadequate and fearsome. You will often find them trying to make up for the frailties that they have inside. Their pursuit for happiness is always ongoing.

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7. They have better understanding of which substances work for them best

People with concealed depression are well aware of the fact that taking alcohol will only make them feel worse and that sugar and caffeine will give a kick to their mood. They know just what medications to take in order to feel better. Their understanding of substances which help them alter their mood is quite impressive, actually!

8. Even they will give out subtle cries for help

Sure, they try their best to be on their own and help themselves but everyone needs a friend at some point in life. Everyone needs help because we all get tired at some point. These are the most crucial instances because they help bring the depressed people closer to their loved ones. Pay attention. They may say they are all good on their own, but they aren’t. Help them.

9. You may find them exhibiting thorough perception of life and death

It isn’t necessary that they felt suicidal. But being depressed triggers pretty complex thought process about life in general. You question the idea of life and death. Since they are already struggling, their pursuit of finding answers to all the questions of life cause these thoughts to be more frequent.

10. They look forward to love and acceptance

They too are humans and just like every human being, they want to be loved and accepted. It is quite normal for depressed people to feel alone. They don’t choose to be depressed but they do choose to hide it for the sake of their loved ones and their own. People with concealed depression are in more need of love and acceptance than an average human. They already suffer from their inner demons. They don’t need any more societal pressures.

11. They may express themselves uniquely and have distinctive talents

Did you know that many of the world’s great artists, musicians and leaders suffered from depression? As ugly as this ailment may sound, experiencing a serious depth of emotions can lead to profound greatness. It can stimulate your creativity and allow you to illustrate beauty like nobody else. They express beautifully under the shadows of their -motions.

You may be someone who sees their own reflection in these habits. It’s okay. Things will get better. And if you are someone who knows someone displaying these habits, help them. Love them and treat them with compassion.

This world is a bad enough place already. Let’s make it better by loving and accepting each other and being there for each other.

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